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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Four Season's, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. Eric 1

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    GLS That is such a awsome truck!!!!every time i see it i want one more.
  2. GLS

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    Ramp consists of: 2"x10"x10', (2) 2"x4"x10' on the sides for support. There is a metal ramp "kit" on the part that contacts the tailgate. Works really good for pushing heavy wheelbarrow loads up.

    Thanks Eric 1:)

    Pricing -- they usually go for about $2k-$2.4k. I have heard that the stainless ez-dumper is about $800 more but weighs about 100lbs more. I have heard that the truck craft aluminum/stainless insert (tc-120 I think) goes for about $4k, but only weighs about 400lbs. Don't know this for sure, just what i've heard. Call ez-dumper or truck craft and they will give you the nearest distributer and price.
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    Could you please post some information on the overload springs as well as any other pictures you might have of your truck. I'm really starting to like the idea of a dump insert and am thinking it's something I might want to look into.
  4. pines

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    I just made a ramp as you described it and man it is awesome!! Thanks.
  5. GLS

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    Glad I could help you pines.

    Shane -- My overload springs consist of a pack of 4 leaf springs that bolt on top of the original leaf springs and have around 1" of "play" before they contact. I can't explain it very well but you can see in the next two pictures what I mean...

  6. GLS

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    They're sitting close in the previous pic.

    I think some new trucks come from the factory with a couple of leaf overload springs...camper package maybe, not sure.

    This pic shows them further away.

  7. GLS

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    Additional springs or other devices are not necessary but keep the suspension from bottoming out with extremely heavy loads and help prevent sag when loaded.

    Other options are: helper springs, addition leaf springs added to the original pack of springs, timbren load boosters, or air bags (probably the best option, but expensive; I havn't used them yet).

    I'll throw in a pic of the dumper I took today at a mulch job (70 cu. yds.)...

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    GLs, how much did those springs cost you and did you install them yourself? Thanks

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    I have the little tipster and it works great, i had the easy dumper but they rust out to fast for me.What ever kind you buy spend the extra money for stainless steel.I have a 2001 f-350 diesel with heavy duty everything and it still use to bottom out . I put a set of timbers rubber bushings no more problems.They cost around $165.00 . It depends on what kind of work you are planning on doing. If you buy the dump trailer after a while it will be a pain in the butt ,you will say the hell with it.good luck
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    Ah, another pic......drool drool drool:cool2:

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