Dump kit for stake body

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by troblandscape, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. troblandscape

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    Does anybody know where I can buy a dump kit for a 1987 F-350 10 ft. stake body
  2. Lawn Tek

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    Just got a 99 f350 with an Omaha Standard lift , with a 10.5 Rugby body .Run i net search for a dealer close to You .
  3. The Good Earth

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    Northern Tool sells one manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing out of Texas. The price to buy it isn't bad, between $1,200.00 and $1,600.00. Shipping is in the area of $350. I figured about $450 to $500 to install and the guy I talked to about installing it wanted $480.

    So for know more than $2,500.00 your stake can be a dump. Beats the heck out of a new truck payment. And as a Chevy man I can't lower myself to drive one of those new things!! :D Man ugly is ugly but goodness gracious GM has taken ugly to a whole new level!! :D
  4. troblandscape

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  5. Gravel Rat

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    I personally wouldn't go for a scissor hoist I prefer post hoists but there isn't any companies in the US that I could find that sell them.

    Anyhow I would go with a reputable company that builds scissor hoists like Venco or Omaha Standard they can match the proper sized hoist for your deck. I was quoted 2800 dollars CND and that included a 12v hydraulic power pack and it was a 12 ton hoist I can get a 10 ton 3 stage telescoping hoist for 1100 dollars.

    I like the post hoists because they give you more dump angle plus you have more lifting power the hoist would bend the trucks frame before it powered out.

    If you do make your deck dump make sure its heavyduty enough if the deck is too flimsy it will twist and bend.
  6. GeoffDiamond

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    Why would you need a 10 or 12 ton hoist on an F 350. I would think a 6 ton hoist would be more than enough.

  7. Arc Burn

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    Gravel rat,i'm assuming you meen a cylinder on either side?whichever way,twin cylinders or telescopic,they are both far and beyond what you would ever need on a ton or ton/half truck.
    I've built numerous stakebody dumps using Crysteel sicssor hoist's and have found them to be nothing but reliable.One such truck (a F-450)was drove staight out of the shop and to the gravel pit and loaded with 5 yard of item4(crusher run),the truck probably wasn't happy(it carried it)but the hoist dumped it like nothing.

    In the real world of dump trucks,these are just small trucks in reality,they can only handle so much.As for dump angle,that is directly affected by where you mount your hoist on the frame,Farther back=more angle/less capacity,Farther foward=less angle/more capacity.Bottom line,even at it's shortest angle available,stuff's gonna come out!
  8. Gravel Rat

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    The hoist I'am gonna buy its a front mounting post hoist its a scaled down version used on tandem axle gravel trucks I had one on my previous truck. The hoist has 3 stages and fully extended its got a 100" stroke which will give me roughly a 48-49 degree dump angle.

    The one company I was talking to they said the post hoist is the best you can get it takes less force to lift a deck from the front and its more stable.

    The one thing about the post hoist you save some weight because you only have the hoist and the trunion and craddle mounts.

    I have had 9000lbs of gravel on my previous old F-Superduty (450) the truck handled it fine wouldn't want tobe doing it everyday the hoist on the truck dumped the load with no problems. I had a Muncie PTO running a pump at idle the hoist would dump anyload even 9000lbs you include the box weight probably closer to 10,000lbs.
  9. Arc Burn

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    For the serious trucker the telescopic hoist is the way to go,no agruement here.But for the landscaper a scissor lift is more than adequate.The 450 i mentioned with the 5 yards on was all of 10k#,alot of weight for that size truck but the electric/hydraulic pump dumped it like it was nothing.In the end i guess it's personal preference:)

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