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    nope! If I had one it wouldnt much matter would it. Id be good to go on anything.
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    That is irrelevant isn't it?
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    I'm gonna try to speak for the initially asked topic.

    I have been running a pickup with a dump trailer for the last 2 years, The first year I purchased a 6x12 bri-mar bumper pull with a 10000# gvwr I purchased the trailer to be able to haul slabwood bundles from the mills to residences for a very good profit. I also have been involved with landscaping the past 8 years and the last 2 years been working more and more with light excavation work via skid steer\ mini ex. I used the 6x12 for a year and found it was just to small for most tasks at hand, It was more profitable to get two slabwood bundles on a longer trailer for deliveries, it was a very tight squeeze with the skid steer and I was constantly running at my max weight for the trailer all the time. I sold the trailer for a profit and purchased a used 16x7 bri-mar 14000# gooseneck dump. This trailer pulls like a charm, is incredibly maneuverable in tight places and hauls everything i need. It will haul the bobcat 335 mini and my thomas t131 skid steer without an issue (separately of course). If you plan on using it for only equipment hauling i feel this may not be your best option and is the problem i am running into now with it. I have to drop the equipment on site and then bring back the materials with the trailer as opposed to having materials in the dump bed on a truck. If you are going to only purchase a small dump trailer, get the dump truck but if you are going to purchase a 14000lb gross trailer etc... then go with the trailer due to qty of material you can deliver.

    And in regards to the cdl, I spoke with CT DOT and DMV and was told the following verbatim
    "Sir, as long as your truck and trailer combination is under 26001# you do not need a CDL to run your setup, your total gross combined vehicle weight is 25500 lbs. If you get a bigger truck or bigger trailer in terms of weight to increase your total by 501 pounds you will need a Class A CDL."
    So i replied
    "Ma'am, I understand what you are saying, but have one question now, If I do exceed the 26001 pounds with a new trailer can I take the class A cdl test with my truck and trailer since it would technically be considered a Class A setup on the road. I do understand I would not receive the air brake endorsement."
    SILENCE...............CONTINUED SILENCE......
    "Sir, I do not have or know that answer, you are going to have to call licensing....."

    So i call licensing, and ask them that same question, there response is... Thats a good question we will get back to you..... I gave them my contact info and no response in two months.

    Gotta love DMV\DOT

    here are some pictures of the two setups.

    This is my weight setup
    Truck: 2005 dodge ram 3550 QC dually 11500#
    Trailer: 16ft gooseneck bri mar dump 14000#





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    Side load side dump truck bed trailer can be used for hauling equipment. Theenerbuilt.com

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