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    I know that this post could go under the truck forum, but i wanted to get the feed back of the guys that are in the same general industry i am . I am contiplating getting a dump trailer this spring that can handle carring a 8k or 9k lb. skidsteer vs. a true equipment trailer. Have any of you used a set up like this before? How did it work out? I hate having to jockey trailers back and forth and would love to have one trailer to pick up equipment, loose material and possibly palletized material. I have seen some that have removable sides. How realistic is this. Those things have to way a ton don't they? Thanks.
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    A trailer that size will probably weigh 12K or so, which in PA puts you into a CDL situation. Not familiar w/ SC though. That being said, I'm not a fan of dump trailers, because in alot of situations we will work material out of a dump truck into wb's. Plus, they can be a pain to maneuver around a site. I can see, however, that they would be nice to haul the skiddy around with.


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    I follow what you are saying. I have thought about that too, but i hate to put too much money into a truck. I have always been a proponant of getting a good solid truck and if you need more than that, buy a heavier trailer b/c trailers are cheaper in most situations than trucks. Not always, but a lot of times. Another reason I am looking into a trailer instead of a heavery truck is b/c it will be my only means of transportation right now and i am not interested in driving a dump truck around in my spare time. Also, in SC the dmv only requires a CDL if you are in excess of 26klbs. gross combined weight which leaves plenty of wiggle room down here.
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    i have a 7x 14 dump trailer with high sides. best piece of equipment i bought. wheel barrows fit under the dump no problem. it carrys a skid steer no problem. alot cheaper than truck insurance.
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    I think i can give a good opinion on this. I had a dump since i started in business. Then I sold it this winter with the intentions of buying a new one. Then i had the bright idea of just buying a dump trailer and seeing if i could make due with just it. Well its been 6 months or so and it has done its job, but it ain't no dump truck. i willing be buying a dump truck next year and maybe selling the trailer. it does every thing i need it to do, just it is more difficult to do it with. its a pain to load your machine in the back, its a pain to dump in tight places, and it is heavy. i think they are great to have as an additional trailer, but i like having a dedicated dump. they are great to leave on the job and let your guys load or unload into it while you do other things.
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    I like the idea because a Dingo can load into it. When we use the Dingo and dump truck, I have one guy just moving material to the front of the dump truck.
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    I totally disagree....

    we have a 7.7X14 dump that only weighs 4K.... it is rated for 14K, so that gives a payload of 10K... WAY MORE THAN A DUMP truck of CDL rating...

    We haul a skid in it all the time. we bought the lowboy so it has lower sides (24" sides).

    here's why i like it.....

    we have all materials delivered..... we bring the machine in the dump trailer. We excavate. We can haul off the spoils, and on the return trips, we get a load of sand. we use the skid to get the trailer close to the work area, and all the cuts/waste are tossed into the dump..... there have been several occasions that we had the table saw in the dump bed and the cut pieces just fell onto the floor and were left....

    when we are finished with the cuts, all the garbage is loaded in the dump, and someone makes the last dump run while we are applying the poly sand....

    all the time the trailer can sit on the job site, and does not tie up a truck....

    also we have a dingo tx425 as well, and it can load the lowboy without a problem... the dingo is awesome for small jobs
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    We have a 7x14 12k GVWR Bri-Mar dump trailer with the 4" drop axles. Love that thing. Weights just around 4k leaving an 8k payload. We haul our dingo and attachments in it all the time. We also tow Kubota L35's and different mini-x's in it as well. Never hauled a skid in it but the point is my 12k weight rating has as capacity of right around 8k. I would definately look into the drop axles b/c there have been times (even with them) where its tough to get a tracked mini-x up the ramps due to it being wet out...a lot has to do with the angle.

    We use our dump trailer for EVERYTHING. Trash removal, concrete recycling, removing soil, etc. But yes, you are limited to capacity...well really its the weight. We have 2x12 pressure treated risers attached via the stake pocket. We do have occasion were we remove those and its fairly easy with one person, a synch with two.

    And as yardpro said, they do make a 14k weight rating one. If you really want to increase the payload you should look into a gooseneck.
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    The weight of the trailer plus the weight of the truck is what puts you into CDL ranges. Hauling 5 tons off the trailer hitch all the time will hurt you truck more than help.

    The best thing to do is buy a truck that can hold the weight you are looking to move on a regular basis.

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