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    Standard Hamilton Company, the manufacturer of DUMP-PRO®, a pick-up truck dump insert, announces two new options that greatly increase the usefulness of its product line; the ability to mount Dump-Pro’s on existing trailers and flat bed trucks as well as the Tarp & Bungee system option which mounts on its Hi-Sides™ volume enhancer option.

    The 394 lb (basic unit) is now mountable with the use of the new Trailering Strap option. The non-rusting unit’s dump body is constructed of industrial weight polyethylene, has a 3,500 lb. payload capacity for hauling and a 3,000 lb capacity for dumping with a 60 degree dumping angle. It is shown here with the new Hi-Sides™ option which increases its volume from 2 to 4 (or 5) cu yds.

    Dump-Pro’s revolutionary lightweight patented unit enables a user to go from pick-up to dump truck in just minutes using the Quick Change-Out TM option. The unit’s ingenious electrical winch drive system requires no expensive hydraulics to operate. When the job is done, simply release the clamping system, disconnect the power, remove ONE hitch bolt and slide the unit out to get your pick-up truck back for other uses (“Pickup to Dump Truck in Minutes™”). Dump-Pro is perfect for landscapers, contractors, farmers & ranchers and has many other uses for pick-up truck owners. Dump-Pro is available in either assembled or kit form with all parts needed for installation and mounting hardware. It fits most full size pick-ups.

    Consult the company’s website for unit specifications and dimensions and to view the demo video, www.dump-pro.com.
    Dealer inquires invited.

    For more information contact: Standard Hamilton Company, Inc., 1648 Taylor Road #514, Port Orange, FL 32128-6753.
    1-866-4 DUMP-PRO (1-866-438-6777).



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