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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by willretire@40, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Want to start another part of business. First of all i want to get a dump trailer for leaves this fall. Also i want to start a dump trailer rental type thing. I would just drop it off at a customer home or jobsite and let them fill it up then come back and tow it to the landfill. How should i charge for something like that. Is there anything that i can attach to the trailer to check the weight before i leave so i can go ahead and charge them the dumping fee b.c never really know what they will be putting in it. Also how much can be made doing leaves. If i advertise with doorhangers will alot of people call for this service. Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know about where you are but at our dump, they charge different rates for different materials. So dumping feees here are different for different materials. I don't know about how it is where you are though, good luck. Hope it helps, sorry if it doesn't.
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    I was thinking about doing the same thing. I know around me there is a place that charges about $50-70 per ton. That is for construction debris. Tires, fridges are extra. If it is just basic garbage it is like $70/ton. I can dump brush for $.15/lb or a flat rate fee of $15.00. As far as the rest of the specifics I don't know.
  4. willretire@40

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    Call Higgerson Buchanan on Dominion Blvd. They charge by the cubic yard. I will dump there if I have heavy debris. If I have branches or leaves I go to the SPSA.
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    Sounds like a good idea BUT most of the contractors in our area already have dump trucks and the home owners can call the city and have a city container delivered and picked up for FREE. However, there is always mulch,stone,and topsoil to deliver as also firewood deliveries in the winter months. Jusmowin

    BTW.....I mostly work around the Little Neck area. What areas in the beach do you work around?
  7. willretire@40

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    That's what I do for a living my good man, well sort of. I do full service junk/debris removal under the business name HAULitALL. I do ok, but that is due to the fact that I don't only have to get my name out, but I have to make people aware that such a service exists. I also am going to be doing leaves in the fall. I just bought a new dump trailer a couple months ago and I love it. Mine is 15' long with 4' sides and 6.5' wide, and holds just over 15 cubic yards, and has a gvwr of 14,000lbs. But they can be expensive. I paid $8250 for mine, and I got it direct from the manufacturer. I have thought about doing dropoffs, but I know my trailer would get really banged up by people who don't give a sh**. Maybe in the future when I am making more I will do that. But for now my trailer not only serves as my most important piece of equipment, but a very important marketing device with my name on the side. And I think it's important that I keep it looking professional til I can invest more into my equipment. Also, when people load the stuff themselves they would rather be able to walk straight in, rather than up a ramp. It's definately a good idea, but these things can be a lot more difficult than they sound. I sure thought my business would be before I started.
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    around here 36/ton waste including construction.
    Gypsum is cheaper.
    Yard Waste No Charge.

    Also consider leasing your trailer to a rental store.
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    a friend of mine did the same thing that your thinking of doing, he has a dump trailer, with a leaf box and a leaf vac, and he also has a box on his truck, the local dump takes leaves for free here, but only leaves no sticks or wood just leaves for free, what he does, well i do the same thing without the trailer, i have a dump truck with a box on it, but anyway he/we go to the house and suck the leaves ourself, this way you know that you are getting just leaves,i charge $100.00 per load, and i tell the people that if they have alot of brush in the pile i have to charge them for it, if its just a small stick or two, i just put it on my truck for free, by dropping your trailer off, you never know whats under the leaves till you dump it at the dump then you get stuck paying for it, ive been called to pick up leaves before and founr rocks mixed in the leaves, or you go look a a brush removal job, you tell them a price, and between the time you look at it and the time you go do the job they home owner has added 3 yds of brush to it!!! so pls keep you eyes open be carefull... hope that this helped........

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