Dump Trailer Dilemma Questions

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Darryl G, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Darryl G

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    I need a little advice regarding a dump trailer dilemma I have. I’ve found two 6 x 12 Bri-Mar low profile dump trailers that are the same except one is the extra width, which is 102 inches wide (81.5” insidel). I’d be towing it with my 2003 Silverado 2500HD, which has the stock mirrors. Will the 102 wide trailer be a pain to pull? When I put a leaf box on it, will I be able to see around it? I know I could always put wider mirrors on the truck, but those in themselves can be a pain. I’m used to pulling a single axle 6 x 12 landscape trailer, but nothing wider.

    I was going to buy the standard width, but the problem is that the title for it won’t be available for 2 weeks….and I need to get going ASAP fabricating the leaf box if I’m going to have it ready for this leaf season. The extra wide one is available immediately.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Darryl G

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    Hmmmm - I just measured the total width of my landscape trailer and it's every bit of 100 inches. I suppose I could handle a couple of more inches. I think I'll go look at the wide one tomorrow.
  3. Rich's LS

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    I would recommend high sides.. I just bought a 7x14 with 48" sides and it's great... I was going to get a used one with low sides but didn't think it would do the job. What are you paying for it??? You can get one like mine here in Fl for 5700
  4. BSDeality

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    that 100" on your landscape trailer is VERY different from 102" of SOLID MASS you will have with a leaf box on the trailer. Will the box be 82" or so?

    I just purchased a 12'x101" snowmobile trailer that is enclosed and it is a huge difference in driveability compared to my similar 6x12' open or even my old 10'x101" open sled trailer. I'm towing with a f350 with the dumbo mirrors and with them in the normal position i cannot not see behind the trailer, only to the side. I have to pull the mirrors all the way out to see around the trailer, and even still i can only see straight back around the sides, not behind.
  5. Darryl G

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    The unit has stake pockets and I plan on adding 4 foot sides to it for the leaf box. With the 22 inch trailer sides, that would bring it to almost 6 feet giving me a capacity of 17.5 yards. I thought about going higher, like to 6 feet, but I'd need almost twice the plywood and I wouldn't want to keep it that tall all the time. I think with 4 foot sides, I'll still have a pretty good capacity and I could leave them on most of the time for mulch and brush hauling, just take off the roof when it's not leaf season. I'd use it for hauling my JD 855 too. I haven't been going after tractor work, because I'm over weight on the single axel 6 x 12 with any implements on it. I was planning on making 2 removable 4 x 6 plywood panels on each side and then 2 more for the front and back. I was going to hinge the back one at the top and probably mount the leaf vac on the curb side gate (it has the 3 way barn doors). I'm leaning toward the 18 HP Billy Goat.

    I did have a leaf box on the front 2/3 of my landscape trailer during my first season and couldn't wait to get it off. I missed being able to look directly behind me like you can on an open trailer. I put rods in each top rear corner that I could see through the back window to help me tell where the trailer was. It doesn't help that I work solo and don't have anyone to spot for me. As long as it's not dark out, I do OK.

    Oh, the price is $6,100, which is only $100 more than the standard sized one. Both have the pull out equipment racks, barn door gate and D rings.

    I think I'm going to buy it.
  6. jimmdenver

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    I never trust people when they don't have title in hand. The wider trailer might be difficult in certain angles, and I would definately reccomend wider mirrors for the truck, but other then that it should be fine. We had a wide trailer that we used for a few seasons and none of the guys seemed to have a problem with it, and that was without wide mirrors.
  7. clydesdale

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    i have a 6x12 102 wide cam superline hd low profile. I put sides on it so that from the floor to the top of the sides it is 50 inches. I had heard at one point that 4 ft sides was the legal limit in NY but that was just word of mouth. Driving took a little getting used to. I have trailer tow mirrors on my superduty and it is fine, even when the mirrors are not extended. Please let me know what you think of the billy goat. How will you dump it with the billy goat on the door? If you swing it out to the side, will that tax the dump doors. I believe the billy goat ways a good 500 lbs. Would you mind posting a picture when you have it on the door?? I HAVE the same type of doors. Thanks
  8. Darryl G

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Dilemma solved...it's sitting in my driveway. Got it for 6K even. Tows nice.

    The Billy Goat loader is only 300 lbs. I'm pretty sure the doors will handle it. I'm hoping I can just swing the door back and tie it there to dump. Otherwise, I'll have a swing hitch mount welded onto the back of the trailer. Or I could always mount it up front.

    Gotta go play with it (after I transfer the funds to cover the check, lol)
  9. RedWingsDet

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    make sure you have a brake controller if you dont already.
  10. l1011100

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    I bought this trailer last year and put 6 foot sides on it made from 1x6 pressure treated. The Top 2 feet can be removed by pulling out a few bolts so its not too tall during the summer.

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