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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by NJ Grass, Oct 18, 2013.

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    So I'm about to build this leaf box for my enclosed trailer. My leaf loader discharge chute will be in the front of the trailer shooting the leaves to the back of the trailer. Initially I had just planned on building barn doors out of plywood for the back wall and using a mesh tarp for the top ceiling.

    After thinking about it last night, now I'm concerned that with the top not enclosed I might have issues on the highway. I feel like all the wind that flows over the trailer is going to be forced against those barn doors.

    Am I over thinking this? Or should I plan on constructing a vented plywood top instead? I wanted the mesh tarp idea to work so I can still use the trailer for hauling without having to disassemble a great deal, but half of my accounts require a 15 mile trip down a freeway.

    Any input is greatly appreciated!
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  2. whiffyspark

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    Mesh will be fine
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    I agree,
    We only use mesh on our truck set up. Plus the more venting the better. Mesh on!
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    I had 5 u shaped hoops inserted in the tops of my u-channel stakes that held my high sides and ran netting over the whole top. Worked fine for local as I never ran the highway. I would recommend hanging a plywood back stop if your hose is higher than your tail gate. Hard objects come out of the pipe with force.
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