Dump trailer powder coat?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ron mexico75, Oct 9, 2017.

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    My dump trailer is about 5 years old and the bed is missing the majority of the powder coat from halfway back. It rusts if it sits with water in it but then it gets used again and cleans out all that brown surface rust development. :laugh:

    The sheet now has minor deformations in it from heavy loads and whatnot. But it hasn't lost any strength of the floor from what I can tell. My biggest concern is sitting in the winter. Usually where I store it is already on a downward angle so I just crank up the jack to increase it to let water flow out. I think for winter this year I will shoot the bed with fluid film as it does a good job on other things.

    There was someone on here, maybe perfectearth, who had his bed repainted professionally. He knew it was just going to get worn off but decided to do so anyways.
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    on the frame styel trailers we put a physical stop ( 6x4 six side verticle ) under the front of the box by the ram and take the pressure off the ram , some of the semi truck trailers have a metal arm that locks into the frame and box crossmembers they are only a foot long .

    and if its going to sit for a while we grease the rams surface up with cheap wheel grease , when you drop the ram it wipes it off and helps lube the top of the seal and helps wipe the dirt off easier
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    I like the idea of fluid film. I use that stuff all the time and didn't even think about the floor of the dump trailer! You just you a spray can or paint it on with the bucket of fluid film?

    Speaking about that....I'm a little confused. For some items....do you spray and then wipe off? I thought I read that if spraying tools or other things you're gonna be touching, there is a molecular bond of protection. Meaning just because it's not soaked and wet doesn't mean it's not protected. Any truth to that? If so, would you spray the dump bed floor and then rub it in and kind if "wipe off" so there isn't a visible layer of film?

    While I'm on the subject of dump trailers, what do you all do over the winter with the battery? Anything, or just leave it as is?
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    Some times I haul chicken litter in my dump truck. When I do that I spray the bed and sides down with diesel fuel. Keeps it from sticking and makes it easier to wash out after im done.
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    The EPA and state DEQ would love to catch you doing that.
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    It's not soaked in fuel just a fine coating. And hurts nothing and keeps the acid from chicken crap off my bed.
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    I don't know about dump trailer beds, but Fluid Film works just fine on anything else if you spray it on and then wipe it down to just leave a film on it.
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