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  1. SDlawndawg

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    I thinking about fabricating a dump trailer over the winter but don't want to start until I know I can find and afford the right parts for it. Specifically is the pump, cylinder and correct scissors for the dump mechanism. The only place I've found a pump at is in the Northern tool catalog. I want it to be a 14' trailer for dumping leaves and other debris. Nothing heavy like topsoil. Anybody have any ideas of where I should look for the parts or possible plans?
  2. AltaLawnCare

    AltaLawnCare LawnSite Senior Member
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    I thought about doing the same thing. Northern sells plans for dump trailers too.

    I think teh best way to go would be to buy a good used 12 or 14 foot trailer...under $1,000...preferably with a wooden floor.

    Then buy the dump kit for trucks or trailers 12' kit is around $1200.00, and should include everything to convert a trailer or flat bed truck to a dumper.
  3. SDlawndawg

    SDlawndawg LawnSite Member
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    Where do I find the dump kit? What does it come with? Why do you recommend a wood floor?

    I already have a 14' trailer with a wood bed but I would rather build a new one. The framework for a dump-trailer would need to be a little stronger than what I've got.
  4. AltaLawnCare

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    The dump kits are in the Northern Tool Catalogue...they're listed with truck accessories.

    You can easily take the wooden floor off, and attach a platform to lift with the lift assmbly (northern calls it a "hoist kit")

    As another option, a buddy of mine took a mid 80s Ford 3/4 ton pickup, put a flat bed on it, a dually kit and hydralicsand made his own dump truck. I haven't had a chance to go by and see it yet.
    I'm considering that option too.
  5. SDlawndawg

    SDlawndawg LawnSite Member
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    I found what you're referring to in the catalog. That's exactly what I need. I wish I had the $ right now but I just had the tranny rebuilt in my ford last week.

    For right now, I can only research my project. I've been copying spec's of different brands of dump trailers. H&H makes an impressive one. The local rental company sells Bri-Mar trailers so I might take my camera and take a few up-close spy photos of those.

    I will build a dump trailer this winter because I refuse to pick up that pitchfork again. I dread spring and fall cleans because of the time wasted unloading. It takes a 1/2 hour out of my day not to mention the backaches. I also collect clippings with my peco bagger throughout the summer.
  6. MOOSE

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    SDlawndawg, what part of Michigan are u from or should I say what city.

    I'm from Clarkston but work in Bloomfield Hills
  7. AltaLawnCare

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    Another option....which you might already know, is to put a heavy duty tarp in the trailer, attach rope to the front end of it. When your load is on the tarp, use the rope to pull the load off the truck, from the front to the rear, rolling off the load...if its light enough, it'll work pretty good.

    BTW, I had a cloth bag on my Peco vac, I just had an aluminum box built for it. The Peco, and box ride on their own swivel wheels behind the JD. The box is a larger version of the ones which attach to Z's with a 45 degree floor, and a hinged rear door...so it will self dump from the seat. ;)

    As soon as I get the linkage finished, I'll post pictures.
  8. stslawncare

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    have you ever built a regular trailer? dump trailers are very difficult to build. many more specifications then a regular one.
  9. SDlawndawg

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    Moose- I'm up here in Traverse City where I'm waiting for the snow to melt so I can finish up my fall cleans. Looks like I'll be back to work on Monday.

    I tried the tarp idea but I used a piece of cyclone fence and laid it on the trailer and up against the front of the trailer. After piling leaves on it I would drive to my dumpsite where I would hook a chain to the part of the fence in front of the trailer. The other end of the chain was hooked to a 20" dia. cedar post that I buried in the middle of the pile. I would then slowly drive away and the fence would slowly peel all the debris out of my trailer. It worked okay until one day when I hauled about a ton of wet leaves. When I drove away, the cyclone fence strectched and was mangled beyond use.

    Dump box is the way to go. I'll look forward to the pic's. My peco was poorly engineered but I've made enough modifications to make it work great. The box had to be reinforced along with the linkage. I use it for everything. I can haul a LOT in my trailer too since the debris is chopped up so much.
  10. SDlawndawg

    SDlawndawg LawnSite Member
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    STS- Yep. You're right they are a little more complicated. I see it as a challenge. The only thing that is hindering my progress is my cashflow which is non existent after a $2,600 tranny repair! (See plowsite.com Topic-ford trucks for more info on my trouble with Ford and my Superduty)

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