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Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by PLC1985, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. RodneyK

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    You storing it to use it once or twice a week seems like a fair trade to me. Otherwise he would have to pay to store it.
  2. CPEC_Andy

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    Where do you live? We just bought 150 new dump trailers and we rent them through The Home Depot. We may have one coming your way. http://compactpowercenter.com/product/163/Trailer/Dump-Trailer-6-X-10

    If you needed it for half a day, you're talking about 75$. Surely you could cover the cost in the project. We wont have the new ones deployed for a month though.
  3. PLC1985

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    Hey so our rental plan didn't work out he didn't want what I could offer so your Home Depot trailers sound perfect I'd like one at Westfield MA Home Depot tool rental as soon as you can. Haha let me know
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  4. wedidthatllc

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    I own a 7x12 dump trailer and a 5 yard dump truck, I use my trailer more than the truck Cruz I am always taking equipment with me and I can put it in the trailer and can't in the truck. so if your running tractors around a lot I think it would be better to have a trailer. jmi

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