dump trailer size? 12' or 14'

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cutnchukcanuk, Jul 17, 2007.

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    I nearly signed for a new H&H 12' 12000# dump trailer today. I like the H&H. It has the scissor lift and a few extra goodies. I really didn't feel that I would need the extra 2 feet by going with the 14'. My "plan" is to use it to haul my skid steer, maybe some light demo work, whatever work I feel I have the competency to take on. Basically trying to find a break into the industry. Tonight I kept thinking about whether or not I would need that 2 feet while carrying the skid. Getting a pretty good deal on this particular unit. Any opinions from those who have been there? Thanks!
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    i would go with the biggest one you can afford if the price is not that much more go with the 14 for sure. you never know what you may need to haul next.
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    Measure your machine from the tips of the forks to the rear and place those #'s on the trailer from the front of the bed. Is the skid sitting well over the axles?

    I've got a 16' dual piston dump trailer that my Bobcat is hauled in. A 16' because it was part of the 'package' I bought with the Bobcat.

    I would not go with a 12'. You can always use more space. What truck are you pulling with?
  4. cutnchukcanuk

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    I think you guys have a point. My thinking with the 12' is the only time I would need more space is when trying to carry materials and the loader at the same time. I think the loader is about 8' nose to butt around 5200 lbs. I have another vehilcle and a flatdeck to move the loader around when the dump was needed solely for material hauling. I would be pulling with an 02 dodge 3500 4x4 dsl. Again this is a new venture for me. I already have the truck and loader. I just lack the experience. The dump would be for debris cleaup and material hauling to give me some flexibiity in the industry. Competing with guys that will do a 1/2 run to the dump for 35 bucks. I don't want to spend 12000 on a trailer either. Have you guys found your trailer to be a money maker?

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