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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by RedWingsDet, Jun 25, 2005.

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    Im look at getting a dump trailer. Not sure what size, bigger the better. Anyway in dump trailers, what are somethings that I need to make sure it has? And do ALL dump trailers have port holes to add side boards?

    Now heres the delimma, im not sure if I want to get a dump trailer, dump insert, or another truck with a dump bed. If i got another truck with a dump bed though, it'd have to be under 15k.

    But for now im leaning towards the dump trailer, then next year get a truck with a dump bed.

    Anyway let me know what I should be looking for when looking at Dump Trailers and what you guys might have wished you got when you bought yours.
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    Trailers are great. I usually rent a dump when I need it because I can't justify the cost of owning one. The one I usually use is a brand of which I never heard of but it's about as good as any other I have used. It's a 7x14 and can hold up to 5 tons. With the weight of the stuff in the trailer and the trailer itself I am towing around 12,000 with a dodge 3/4 ton hemi. Works out pretty good. But I am dissapointed that it has surge brakes because I haven't gotten to use my brake controller on it yet.
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    Mark, I was in the same boat as you. I bought a 6x10 Down Easter Dumper trailer at the end of may and it was the best purchase ever. I dont have to rely on someone else to bring my stuff, I can haul while my guys work. Dont go over a 10k gvw cause you truck cant pull it and its not worth spending the money to get one that is rated of that. Its also nice to have a second trailer incase one if filled up or so you can run 2 crews and be able to haul equipment and materials to the same some site without having to make multiple trips. Let me know if you have any questions AIM Weatherman53 and we can chat.

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