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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by sqvick, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. sqvick

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    Im looking to buy a dump trailer im only running a half ton truck for now, what are your thoughts? Im thinking a bri mar 6x10 low profile 10k all i will be hauling is mulch gravel and brush mainly light landscaping needs!
    thanks for the feed back!:usflag:
  2. PonyExpress94

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    I have that exact trailer now!!!!! It has been extremely useful for the materials you want to carry and a whole lot more. It tows very nicely and carries the full rated payload well too. I originally pulled it with a 91 F250 Heavy Duty, but have since switched to a 2003 F350 diesel. The trailer did fine behind the 91.

    I would highly recommend getting the barn door tailgate option, the slide in ramps option, and the adjustable height hitch coupler option. I would predict at some point in your future you will end up hauling a tractor or other piece of equipment and the ramps and barn door option will allow you to do that. The three options I listed are not on my trailer (weren't available on the Low Profile 10K models at the time of my purchase) and I have since purchased portable ramps to load equipment. The barn door tailgate and adjustable coupler I have to live without.

    I think Bri-Mar makes a really nice trailer!!!! Hope this helps.
  3. sqvick

    sqvick LawnSite Member
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    thanks what can u fit as far as equipment? bobcat, tractor etc?
  4. PonyExpress94

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    I can fit my New Holland TC33D 33hp tractor in without the mower deck (72" - but too wide with side chute), New Holland TZ25DA sub compact 25 hp tractor, a rental walk behind trencher. Tying the stuff down is a little tricky because I don't have the tie down rings that come with the ramp option, I'm going to install some but for now I chain down the equipment through the stake pockets. Not sure how a bobcat would fit only because of trailer length but a tape measure or machine specs flyer would answer that question. I have a picture of the TC33D being loaded into the trailer but I won't be able to upload it for about a week.
  5. BGPM

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    Pony Express gave you some great tips, I wouldn't buy anything other than a dump trailer with barn doors. The ramps will be needed at some point, thats almost guaranteed.

    I personally prefer the low profile dumps, easier to load and unload. Some guy's wouldn't care about having a single or dual ram, but from experience I prefer dual hydraulic rams. If at some point it's an option and you are able to, upgrading the reservoir size helps when a sneaky or not so noticeable leak develops, you don't want to run your pump without fluid in it...Having more fluid may buy you some time and may also help in spotting leaks should you park in grass or anywhere but pavement where its easily noticeable.

    Oh and if it's not already installed, get the sidewall extension option!! They basicly just weld U steel around the top rim so you can extend your space another 2-3'..When/If you end up putting sidewalls up make sure the flat sides are inside and the verticals are outside, a single branch wedged on a 2x6 can keep everything from sliding out.

    - Erick

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