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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bruce, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Bruce

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    from MN
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    :) Just bought a 14 Ft Dump Trailer and a 20HP Billy Goat Loader. So Tomorrow I will be building a enclosed rack and mounting the leaf loader.Can't wait for clean ups this year should be alot faster loading and for sure unloading.use to load a 16ft trailer with 4ft sides.and had to shovel the leaves off.Just thought i would share that with you guys.
  2. little green guy

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    nice setup, I've been thinking about doing the exact same thing for a while. A friend of mine though has a F550 with a 12' grainbody and a 20 hp giant vac that I borrow when I need it. So i just havnt gotton around to building the dump trailer yet ;)

    I like the idea of a dump trailer alot because you don't have to tie a whole truck up dealing with leaves. I'm planning on buying a sigle axle dump truck this year but would still rather set up a dump trailer rather than tie up the truck.
  3. bastalker

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    If accessability to the leaves is not a problem, a dump trailer will work good. Here in my neck of the woods, I would have to tarp alot of leaves if I chose this option, since there would be no way to manuever a trailer to where the leaves are.

    My leaf vac is mounted on the front of my truck and shutes up over the cab to the box. I can pull up to piles wherever they may lie. Instead of trying to move a huge pile of leaves, we just make smaller piles, and drive right up to them. Think I had to tarp 1 time in the last 5 months.

    I did pick up a second truck though because as you stated it pretty much ties it up with leaves. I use the one truck just for cleanups.
  4. mdb landscaping

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    heres a pic of my leaf box and billygoat on my 6 by 10. too bad the winter had to start so early..... i was having fun using it

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