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Dump trailers....deck over or low profile?


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Im looking right now to purchase a new dump trailer. Currently looking at 7x12 10,000GVW. Can you all give me your opinion and experiences with the 2 styles? I like the deck over because it sits higher off the ground.....easier to unload... But I was told its not very stable when its all the way raised. The low profile with a tarp system and heavy duty ramps is going for $5200. The deck over in the same size but without the ramps is $4300. Im trying to decide witch way I should go....thanks:confused:


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Omaha, NE
I have a 7x12 14,000 GVW H&H trailer, which sits low to the ground. Are you going to use this trailer for a skid or any other large equipment? If you are, got with the lower profile, it's a ***** trying to get a skid in a trailer that sits high.

The higher profile trailers don't have very good stability, especially when they are loaded and you're driving around, it can whip around pretty easy. The good thing about them is that it's easier to load and unload since it is about wheelbarrow height. My buddy got the higher trailer, i have the lower profile, and the benefits of the ease of loading don't out weigh the negatives about the higher profile. I love my h&H and would recomend it to anyone looknig for a dump trailer. With my 14,000 gvw, i can load right about 5 tons on it, because the trailer itself weights just under 2 ton. If you're gonna be hauling lots of dirt, rock, or other heavy bulk materials, its worth the extra money for the higher capacity, because it adds up really quick. I bought my trailer for $5200 (had about 200 knocked off). Check out H&H, they are really nice, otherwise I'd say go for the low profile and a higher gvw.


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No dump truck, or trailer combination is stable when they are rasied and extreme care should be excersized.
I had a good friend who, when he was dumping his semi, had a load of clay stick at the nose...The earth gave way in the fill site with the trailer upmin the air. When the trailer and truck went over, he crushed the cab of the truck his brother was driving, killing him on impact. The spotter should have placed the trucks far enough apart so when that happened, they would not hit one another, but, that is water over the dam now.

So long as you are on flat stable ground, don't get stupid when you pull away from the load, and check to see the load cleared the body, you should be fine no matter what you buy.


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grlandscaping, I would rather get the higher GVW trailer but the 2 trailer places I have talked to have both told me you need a cdl license in PA for any trailer over 10,000 lbs.