Dump Trailers - Deck over vs. low profile

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JimmyStew, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. JimmyStew

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    I'm starting my research on dump trailers in anticipation of a purchase next spring and I have a few questions to start. Those of you who use dump trailers, are they deck over or low profile models.

    I can certainly see the advantage of a deck over model in that you can dump more out of the body before having to pull forward (i.e taller piles instead of longer piles). I use my trailer quite extensively for hauling and unloading mulch by hand rather than dumping. The low profile would definitely be better in this case. I will also be using the dump trailer for hauling my tractor around as well.

    As it stands now, the plan is a 14' long model.
  2. newtostone

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    Just fished up dumping my leafbox/dump trialer a few minutes ago. But if your going to be hand loading out of it, and using it to pull your tractor go to the 4" drop, or low profile. Driving a tractor up some of those deck overs can take a few years off your life.:hammerhead: Oh yes and 14' is the way to go, I have a ten and wish it was 14 although it could get a little hairy when fulling loaded (I only have a SRW F350) just keep in mind its heavy.
  3. Springmeadows

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    My dad has a Brimar 6x12 low profile dump trailer that I borrow from time to time. I loved it. It had the hideaway ramps for my skid steer and dumped anything you put in it. Capacity was 12,000 lbs. and it has a two way gate so you can spread gravel or just dump it.

    It would work my truck though on these mountain roads. Now that I'm ready to buy my own, I am thinking of just going all out and getting a 1 ton Chevy dump. Might even go a little bigger. Dump trailers are cheaper on tag and insurance but in my area driveways are steep and no room to turn around.
  4. GLS

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    If you intend to do any equipment hauling, I would not consider a deck-over. That extra height makes loading equipment up the ramps very challenging.

    If you didn't plan to haul equipment on it though, I think a deckover might be a good choice. Loading by hand works fine on a low-pro, but a higher deck would make it easier...all you have to do is park a wheelbarrow under the deck and "pull" the materials into the wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows don't quite fit under a lowpro (not ours anyways). The dumping would also be slightly better, but it's not a big deal. On a lowpro you just have to let the materials spread out as you pull away rather than making a tall pile.

    Definately make sure you get a long enough trailer for the equipment you intend to haul. We have rented a small kubota loader/backhoe and it just barely squeezes into our 14' (bucket curled down and backhoe sideways).

    I'll throw a pic in here too. Notice the nice ramp angle on a low-pro dump trailer.


    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    Nice Set Up There Ryan. Just Keep An Eye On The Truck Breaks. I Have Experienced The Run Away Truck B/c The Trailer Lifted Up And Took Some Needed Weight Off Of The Back Tires. Question, How Big Of A Pain Is It Hooking Up The Chains In A Set Up Like You Have. It Seems Like Such A Tight Spot To Get To That I Could See Someone Getting Frustrated And Not Chaining Up Their Load Correctly. Have You Run Into Any Problems With That?
  6. GLS

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    I can see rear wheels lifting could feasibly be a problem if your load gets stuck in the back. We always chock the wheels when dumping if we think there is a risk of it rolling away.

    Chaining the equipment can be a bit tight, but it's do-able. I certainly would not go without chaining. Even though it has sides, the equipment can shift and cause problems. It definately isn't the ideal trailer for equipment hauling, but it's nice to have that option.

    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    That sounds like a good practice. I have not had any trouble with dumping loads, my only problem came from unloading a 9k lb. skidder from the back of an equipment trailer that had short ramp stands. It was just enough to take the weight from the back of the truck and it rolled about 5 feet before i got off the trailer. Needless to say, I take a set of chocks to the front tires now.

    Glad to see you don't get lazy with the chaining down bit. I can't get over the number of people who ride around town with loose chains or no chains at all. Most of them are d/a Hispanics who have not been trained or don't care if they cost someone else thier life when they loose thier load. I hear it all the time, "it's 9,000lbs, it's not going anywhere." Geeze, i wish i could show people what they are risking.
  8. LumpyGravy

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    I just bought a Bri Mar 7x12 deckover dump. I will be using it mostly for mulch, topsoil, and compost, so I can just stick a pair of wheelbarrows underneath it and have one guy in the trailer pushing mulch out the back. It can get a little hairy taking trees with 500lb root balls off the back of that, but otherwise, I love it. Bri Mar doesn't want people putting heavy equipment on their deckover trailers because they say the center of gravity is too high, and they don't even offer their deckovers with ramps or D ring tiedowns like they do on the lo profile models.
  9. LB1234

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    if you are loading equipment on the trailer DEFINATELY go for the drop axles. We have them on on bri-mar and on occasion we can have trouble loading equipment b/c of the incline.

    For those that have had there rear wheels come up due to the weight on the ass of the trailer just bring two jack stands with you and place them under the back-rear of the trailer. Give enough space that when you load the trailer you can actually remove them. We do this when loading heavier equipment (mini-x's, skids, TLBs).
  10. 02DURAMAX

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    Nice DURAMAX!!!

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