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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jones68, Jan 30, 2013.

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    my experience is with dump trucks, but I will go out on a limb and say scissors are better than straight single or dual pistons. way less racking when dumping on soft or unlevel ground, way more power, less strain, higher and faster.
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    Jason - Do you have a forklift style battery hookup on yours like many of the guys (Copacabana and some others) or are you running it just off of the 7 pin connector on the truck?
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    I don't charge mine through my truck. To many issues when I had my Dodge so I just charge mine up via the on board 2amp charger that came with the trailer. I have dumped my trailer fully loaded 7 times on a single charge. I wish I knew the exact name of the type of battery I use. I do know if it was a 1/4" bigger in any direction it would not have fit. Something else I did was replaced the battery cables that were the stock shoe string ones. I went to the 2/0 cable for positive and ground. I will get a picture up if I get over to the trailer tonight. -Jason
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    Good deal! Thanks!!
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    Woodman, I just looked at Copa's setup. No, I don't have anything like that on the back of the truck. I like the idea since I have a diesel truck I should just use those 2 massive batteries I have under the hood. I might look into that this year. thanks for the idea. -Jason
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    I'm setting my new truck up just like that. I think that is the ticket!
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    The scissor lifts are a lot stronger, also go with the torsion bar axles over spring axles, its a lot harder to break a torsion bar over a leaf spring. Another thing to consider depending on what type of truck you have 1/2 3/4 1 ton or cab chassis is how much tongue weight your truck can handle on bumper pull, Many of the trucks out there have hitches rated for 1500 lb tongue weight or less!!!!!! An 7'x12 7x14' or bigger dump trailer is going to weight 2500 - 5000+ lbs empty and when you load it up to 10 000+ lbs the tongue weight will becomes a issue unless you have a proper hitch. I had a class IV 1600 lb tw hitch pull loose from my truck it bent the hitch and it cracked, bent and twisted the truck frame. I have been looking for a replacement hitch and have come across only a few 2500 lb tw hitches without the weight distributing bars. I wish I would have know that dump trailers can be Very tongue heavy. Unless you need room in your truck box I highly recommend a goose neck.
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    I have a 14ft big tex and love it. If you are on the fence about a size, go bigger. As you grow, you will need more space. It's a ball hitch and I've pulled a skid on it, and up to 10k of stone plus the trailer. Scissor lift did great.
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    ok the torsion suspension vs spring suspension brings up a whole other thing. I agree that torsion is better for highway pulling but when pulling on uneven terrain i feel the spring would be better. lets use a speed bump for example. lets say your pulling a loaded trailer that totals 10,000 lbs. when you go over the bump all the weight is transferred to the front axle as you go over the weight comes back to both then transferred to the rear then as you come down it goes back to both axles. that is a lot of stress on one axle even for a short amount of time. now with the spring suspension with the equilizer in the middle of the springs it allows the weight to be distributed better over both axles. at least this is my understanding of how it would work. If anybody has anything to chime in that would be great. thanks for all the great info guys

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