dump truck or dump insert?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rywnygc, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. rywnygc

    rywnygc LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have an 02 F250 7.3. I am trying to decide between just buying another truck (F350-450 dump body) or just buying a dump insert for my truck. My truck is a 6' bed. I would like some opinions from those who have had dump inserts or both. Thanks.
  2. txgrassguy

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    I used to run a dump insert out of a F250. Required lift bags as well as a dedicated power source since the lift is hydraulic over electric. Worked okay but I was always concerned the chassis would suffer from the weight - and it did.
    I now have a F350 quad cab and chassis with a Monarch hydraulic over electric 9' dump bed - best move I have ever made except getting divorced.
    Truck works well, handles the loads well and best of all was spec'd from the factory so no additional chassis inputs needed.
    All of this said, it all comes down to your business economics - do you have enough business on hand to justify a second truck verse a dump insert?
  3. rywnygc

    rywnygc LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yeah, I have the business for it. I actually am thinking about buying another truck for plowing anyway. I dont know how many times I said this season, that I need a dump truck. I started out planning on doing maintenance only, but ended up doing a LOT of landscaping. My material source charges 25-35 for delivery of mulch and topsoil. I paid a delivery fee close to 20 times this year.
  4. Glenn Lawn Care

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    Dump inserts are cheap but a dump truck would probably benefit you more. I'm also looking at dump trucks over dump inserts.
  5. Cleancut59840

    Cleancut59840 LawnSite Member
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    I have a Z-Dump insert in my 99 Ford F350 PSD. It works great! I have dumped 7500-8000 lbs before. Electric over Hydraulic pump is getting weak though. I am debating upgrading to a PTO pump that could also be used for a winch. The reason I picked the Z-dump is because it retains the stock look of the truck. Good Luck!
  6. Gilmore.Landscaping

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    Plus for the dump truck is that you can hold more then a dump bed. Even the largest dump beds will only hold like 2 yards of light material, where as most dump trucks could hold 2-3 times that much, depending on the specific weight.

    Also the dump trucks I have used have storage boxes on the front so you can safely lock tools and such and don't have to unload every night + you will never leave the specific tool you need behind.

  7. Deori

    Deori LawnSite Member
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    Just wanted to chime in on the subject of the delivery fees. If you're considering getting the dump truck to cut out the delivery costs, realistically IMO that 25-35 per delivery is going to get eaten up quickly by your own gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. It's different everywhere but in my area, it's simply not worth it to me to shell out all the extra cash for a dump truck or expensive dump trailer because when it's all said and done, I would have to use the dump truck every single day for years and years for it to pay for itself. Out here (Vegas) it's cheaper to just pay the delivery fees for material or rent a dumpster for larger landscape jobs where you have a lot of debris.

    That and if you're looking at an F250/350 dump, I don't think you're going to be able to haul more than a few yards. Example: If I have to pay $50 to get 20 tons of rock delivered by a semi, no biggie. If I tried to do it in my own smaller dump truck, it would take a bunch of trips and probably cost me more than $50 in gas, not to mention either paying someone to go get it or the time for me to get it myself. That's also without going into extra insurance, maintenance, etc. Those guys aren't making anything off of you at $25-$35 a delivery, they might even be losing money in some cases. I'm sure they do on me sometimes :)

    Your situation may differ. Every area and everyone's business is different. Just food for thought before you increase your overhead. We also don't plow out here AT ALL so maybe you do need the other truck. Best of luck to you.

  8. hosejockey2002

    hosejockey2002 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I've got a dump insert in my Chevy 2500HD, and for me and what I do it's the perfect setup. I run solo, mostly doing pruning, trimming and cleanups, so the truck will easily handle a day's worth of prunings and trimmings. I also occasionally haul gravel or topsoil, but as others have stated you are limited by weight capacity. Truth be told, a 350/3500 series dually with a dedicated dump box really won't carry much more weight. A 450/550 is a different story.

    You have to go with whatever works for you. You mentioned paying 25-35 per load for delivery. My man, that is CHEAP! If you are just looking at dollars, you'll never be money ahead by hauling yourself if you can get delivery for that price. What using your own truck brings you is flexibility, and not having to depend on someone else to get you your material.

    Using a dump insert the way I do, hauling light waste and occasionally dirt or gravel, is a great way to go. But if I had to move lots of dirt and rock day in and day out I would look at something a lot more heavy duty.
  9. rywnygc

    rywnygc LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for the input everyone. It's not just the delivery fees I am worried about. Deori, I am sure you are right about them losing money on the delivery fees. I am definitely going to be buying another truck in the next month. I plow, so I need to have a second truck in case one breaks down. All season, I have been loading up my trailer and the bed of my F250. Unloading sucks, especially when it's clay. I rented a dump trailer for a big job about a month and a half ago. It was awesome. Being able to just push a button and have the load fall out made me hate the fact that I dont have a dump truck/trailer. I spotted a 97 F450 DRW dump truck for sale yesterday. I think I may have to pick it up.
  10. blk90s13

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    I had a 8ft bed F-250 with a dump insert lifted 2.5 tons of stone with out an effort but the truck suffered, mine was diesel 4x4 and it was 8200lbs empty with the dump insert in it that leaving me with a 600lb load ! ( 8800lbs GVWR )

    you cant really carry much legally it also needed air bags or else it sagged bad

    Sold it and got me a 1998 dodge 3500 diesel 5 speed with a 8ft dump bed and L tool boxes best thing I ever.

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