dump truck or dump trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ethanslawn, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Ethanslawn

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    i have been lookin to expand by buying another vehicle or trailer this was my first year in business and realized if i wanna grow i need another vehicle than my personal one (in case of down time). So i was hopein someone would give some advice on which one would be better another truck or trailer. now i do plan on plowing so that is why i am leaning to another truck i have been lookin at a few 1990s ford 4x4 dumps some with autos and some with manuals so just wasnt sure what to look out for i know the big items are transmissions, injectors and just general body shape (rust and dents and etc.)

    Any advice is much appreciated!!
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I have both and truck is better you dump ur load in one pile
    Tire wear on a truck better then the trailer
    But Trailer is nice doing rock jobs can drive skidloader up in the trailer to load no mess on the ground
    My trailer has a spread gate so can spread rock with less mess
    My dump trailer is a 14' GNeck and its low to ground
  3. Ethanslawn

    Ethanslawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    i dont have large landscaping jobs mostly mulch and tree trimming and large leaf pickups in the fall as of right now though.
  4. White Gardens

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    Just depends on what you can afford right now I guess. If you don't have the extra hauling work, then I would go with a dump trailer. It will be cheaper for now until you get into more jobs that require hauling. With a dump trailer also, you will get more capacity weight wise out of it for now over a dump truck.

    Now, in my case, I went with a dump. My first truck had a 2 ton capacity. The main reason I bought it was that I wanted a dedicated plow truck so I didn't have to tear up my S-10. The only problem is that 2 tons was a small load for a lot of things.

    Now I have a C3500HD that is a 16k truck. I can haul 3.5 tons and that makes a big difference when getting materials for landscaping jobs.

    Ultimately I think I would still like a dump trailer to expand my capacity between the truck and trailer for the big stuff.

  5. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    Leaf pickups. They would be a pain if your having to go in with your equipment trailer to round them up to the road or driveway and then come back with your dump trailer to load them up. I have a 7 ton dump trailer. It has its advantages but for the most part a truck is more versatile because you can still tow whatever else.

    Ultimately both is the answer. Im working on a larger dump but I'll keep the trlr when I get the truck. I have an insert in my 3/4 ton too. You cant have too many things that dump!
  6. Ethanslawn

    Ethanslawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    And what do you run with both the trucks and trailer just the basic truck loader or have you upgraded with a larger tow behind unit or ???
  7. Pro-Lawn&Grounds

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    Dump Trailer ... it doubles as an equipment trailer ... can be left on a site while you go do an estimate or w.e. ... on mowing days you aren't pulling a trailer behind a dump you can hardly see out of ... they're just so much more versatile ... I hope to get one soon ... I am however converting my pick up to a SRW Flatbed Dump ... but thats just for like grass clippings and the likes
  8. Ethanslawn

    Ethanslawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    i figured that you wouldnt be able to see out of the trailer with a dump truck and enclosed or open trailer. The problem i have is i am a solo guy with the basic one truck one trailer. And i figured when my main truck would go down i would have a backup (2500 pickup). the dump i figured would better suit me with just the basic pickup or leaves and misc. items the othe thing is i have been doing a lot of odd jobs to stay busy because mowing has slowed so i would a better unloading time and again a spare truck. the other i find funny is a 1 ton dump is about the same cost of a new dump trailer and i would put a truck loader on it so thus i figured the truck would be more benefical
  9. Barrett Landscaping

    Barrett Landscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
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    to insure a dump truck is almost as much per year as it is to get a nice used dump trailer. unless you are going to use the dump truck EVERY day and for things that it would be difficult for a trailer to do.... that trailer is the better choice until you can fully commit to such an expense.
  10. Ethanslawn

    Ethanslawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have weighted the two options and i looking to grow so i could afford either one im am one those guys who waits for the right buy to come buy as you said barret landscaping

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