Dump truck project f450 facelift

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by DLONGLANDSCAPING, Aug 5, 2011.

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    My problem with all the chrome, especially the simulators, is that they can't be repaired easily if scuffed or dented.

    I see LCO's run around with their simulators and such and it seems like a year later they look like junk just from normal use. Last winter I curbed one of my rear dually tires in a snow storm and bent the rim. All it took was a sledge hammer to beat it back. If I had a simulator on it, then it would have been trashed. All I had to do this spring was to take the wheel off and paint it and you can't even tell anything happened.

    I'm a huge fan of the stock steel rims. Only because they are easy to paint when they get dingy.

    Same for the chrome grill. Seems like they get beat up from rocks and debris just from driving down the road.

    One landscaper mentioned to me one time, "If your quality of work is good or great then most people don't care what your equipment looks like, it doesn't have to look good to make you money."

    But DLONG, to each their own, the truck does look good overall and will serve you well.

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    what I think are strobes on the front grill where did you get them and how much are they.

    Does the truck run as good as it looks
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    nice office man!
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    Lookin sweet.
  6. luis@NJ

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    super nice truck looks sharp. hope mine will look like that!
  7. SIWEL

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    stop arguing about simulators in get alcoas.....

    The truck looks wayy better then stock, I really like what you did to it. Can't wait to see more pictures. I am also big into fleet uniformity, and I think what you did is fine and makes everything look good also.
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    that truck is tight
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    Looks great it gives me ideas for when I get my next truck, way to go!

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    White Gardens, i agree 100% about painting the steel rims. The reason i got new simulators was because the old simulators it had when i bought it had dings, scuffs and rust all over them from plowing. If anything happens to these rims i will just get the steel rims powder coated when i get new tires in a year or two.

    When i think of my company, i think of 'better than the rest'. That goes for all the equipment, work especially , uniforms, literature, and personel. There are soooo many companies around me that dont care about any of that. I see 2-3 new crews mowing per day in a 10 square mile around my house that i have never seen before, that don't clean their equipment, have multi colors trailers and beat to hell trucks wearing cut off shirts or no shirts at all and a sig in their mouth mowing. While its not making me anymore money having nicer trucks, , it makes my image look better and more hirable and trustworthy to my customers and future clients wearing a uniform, in clean trucks with organized trailer set ups. PEOPLE NOTICE THE SMALL THINGS, ESPECIALLY IN THIS INDUSTRY.

    Its my personal preference to have nice equipment, i dont need to have nice equipment to make money, but i want to make myself and my business presentable to look professional especially with my age and jobs i have been landing.

    Also, white gardens(^this isnt all directed at you directly, just in general) but you do top quality work, you explain how you do things and what you prefer and i have learned a lot from your pictures and threads you have created. Hope your season is going good so far and good luck this summer keeping busy.

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