Dump truck project f450 facelift

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by DLONGLANDSCAPING, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. dchrom

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    Do you find that you are quicker on the walkbehinds then the lazers? We went from having two walkers and switched to the 48" turf tracers. Cut our time down on properties alot. I have 3 now all with around 1500 hrs on them so you should be able to get alot out of yours.
  2. michiganmower10

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    nice redmax's, i noticed the shindaiwa on the rack, that a 231 or a 261? did you have shindaiwa's before the redmax's? everything looks good:usflag:
  3. scagrider22

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    Sorry bud but your trailer has 3500 lb axles and after the weight of the trailer that leaves you about 5200 lbs that you can haul. 5 lug utility trailers almost always have 3500 lb axles then I looked at Sure tracs web site and the only available axle for that size trailer is 3500 lb.
  4. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    Guys! Guys! Chill out no big deal! :dizzy::dizzy:
    I have hauled my 7k skid on my trailer too MANY TIMES! With a 8ft snow pusher No problems! Almost same trailer!
    And my trailer is made from angle iron which has been beefed up to handle the worse conditions!
  5. KE-llc

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    I love the truck an two 48"s! perfect setup for your properties imo
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  6. oakwdman

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    LOVE the tthp's. I have 2 right now myself, both are 19hp's electric starts and one is actually propane. I don't find standers to be much faster on my properties and I've tried many times. Pro-slide's are the sh*t too, leaves the best stripes, I wouldn't trade mine for anything!

    Only thing you're missing now is a white enclosed.
  7. Falcon50EX

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    ? How are the Pro-slide's on the mower? I have thought about it but what has stopped me is now the mower is dragging me to.

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    wish we had more lawns that looks like this, i am going to advertise next year for just irrigated lawns and have a irrigation start up/shut down factored into the lawn price/proposal.

    This lawn is long two days after we cut it though

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It is much quicker with the 48's walkbehind rather than 60 z's .I have found that it knocks a bunch of trimming because we can get closer to objects without hitting and ruining or ripping up turf with the Z. We have shortened up our route almost an hour each day. And the lawns look better and are healthier with the heavy z not being used.

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    says 5200 right on the axles and title. I had this trailer custom build and had a thread about it too.

    The trailer that i bought came stock with no side gate, 3500lb axles, one brake on the tandem axles instead of on both axles, no tool box upfront, and angle iron rails and gate

    What i ordered mine with was:
    -5200lb axles
    -Side Gate
    -Brakes on both with a break away kit(needed for DOT in michigan)
    -Heavy Duty 1" Tubing ramp
    -1" Tubing Rails
    -Tool Box
    -Radial tires

    lmk if you have any more questions

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