Dump truck project f450 facelift

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    I love the tthps too, cut great, electric start is the way to go too! I hate standers they kill my back, i demoed the scag v ride, hustler, wright , exmark, and ferris evolution and they all hurt my back by the end of the day and really hurt by the end of day 2.

    I saw a propane model on ebay i almost got, where can you get the propane refilled? Special propane centers?

    I love proslides, the only negative part is when you stop to fast and it slips and you feel like your going to fall.

    Funny you said that about the enclosed. I have been looking for the last week for an enclosed because my 16ft trailer is way to long for 2tthps, i am looking for a white cargo mate or pace enclosed, 14x7 v nose extended toungue. That way i wouldnt have to load and unload everything and could use the landscape trailer for LANDSCAPING and not mowing anymore.

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    If you have a hydro mower there is no problem with a rider, im around 195lbs and pulls me like nothing is there. The Proslide strips like nothing else i have every seen either. Even fescue stripes like blue grass and rye.

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    I agree, 60" Mowers on my small littler resi's was over kill. Plus, properties look way better now

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    Here is more of that paver job earlier this year. I have a bunch more photos from a big retaining wall and a water feature we did on my dads camera, cant find the memory card though.




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    Thanks, i love the redmax's but they give me trouble starting almost every day even when they are hot they need to be choked. Dealer says everything is working as it should.

    I have 4 shindaiwas, the blue one on the rack is the 261, i also have a t282 with a bent trimmer shaft from someone trying to steal it last year out of the greentouch trimmer rack, then i had the c4 24cc and 34cc which were garbage. they never started good and ran like **** too, the 34cc was extreamly heavy and had an extreamly long shaft that was so uncomfortable.

    I like the 261, starts up first pull every time, doesnt need to be choked at all when hot and has a perfect length shaft.

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    found some pictures from when i was 15-16 with a 5x10 tsc trailer, and a 48" exmark metro i got for 1500 at a dealer one year old, demo'd

    pb755t echo blower(only lasted a season with 15 lawns and a john deere trimmer/edger/hedger combo with custom built racks :)

    Also, a job from this year. 4 out of 6 leaky/sticky valves would run slowly all day or wouldnt turn on. Replaced all of them, dug the hole deeper and filled 3" of granite stone and re-wired.


    Picture 5.png

    Picture 6.png
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    If you can find a Wells Cargo I'd go that route, they seem to be much better built and hold up. It's all I'll EVER buy. I love having everything that I need with me at all times, its like a rolling shop. Plus at the end of the day I just lock the sh*t out of it and park it, no unloading or tarping. I would like an open utility/equip trailer in the not too distant future though, they do have their place thats for sure.
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    Nice stuff! Hey what software did you use here??
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    Love the look of the newer front ends
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    paint the open the same green as the dump body ;)
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