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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lawn crafters, Jun 20, 2009.

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    i am just looking for opinions on what you guys prefer. i am looking to deffinetly add another truck next year but am in a bind. do i get a 1ton dump and call it a day. or should i go with a 1500 with a loadhandler and 2ft sides and buy a dump trailer. this way i could have the 1500 for work or everyday use. on mulch/ landscape jobs i would pull the enclosed with a 1500 and the 2500 could pull the dump trailer. other thing is i will be plowing with it. so a 1500 would be for residentials and 2500 for commercials. or 1ton commercial 2500 resi. i am just confused on what to do. what are the pros and cons of both?
  2. Gravel Rat

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    If you are going with a dump better look at a 1.5-2 ton truck so F-450 F-550 size a regular 1 ton doesn't haul much.
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I agree with gravel rat

    I went with a dump trailer....I dont use it that much and with another truck....I would of had a bigger investment, another engine to maintain and up keep....plus on some jobs I leave the dump trailer and do a mulch job in the mornings till its dry enough to mow.....I think it comes down to what and how often you will be hauling
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    well in my opinion the the ehole idea if getting a dump trailer would be to eliminate a truck. i have one it hauls 8K lbs alot more than a 1 ton dump con it's hard to manuver in tight places pro it hauls more no engine and cheaper to operate. I think if i was to get a mid size truck i would get a 10-12' dump if i needed a commercial plow truck and i would look at the gmc/chevy topkick 4x4 before they are all gone.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    If you do get a dump trailer you still need a good P/U truck to pull it because a 1/2 ton isn't going to do it.

    If you had the money and you were doing lots of jobs a rolloff trailer like this one


    For myself trailers don't work everything I need for a job has to go on a truck a trailer can't be pulled into the jobsites.
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    Dump trailers a great investments once you get your money out of them, even the used beat to hell dump trailers fetch owners great selling price's used.

    A good size dump trailer that will handle any amount of weight will need tandem axle's or triple axle, and you will need at least a 3/4 or 1 ton to haul it. Nice thing a REALLY nice scissor lift dump trailer gooseneck or bumper pull, will not cost you over 15K vs a dump truck. You don't need a CDL to haul a dump trailer here up to 26,000GTWR, and a dump trailer does not raise your insurance like a dump truck will.
  7. Duffster

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  8. nosparkplugs

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    26,000 GCVWR sorry

  9. Gravel Rat

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    You would have to have 40 acres to turn a gooseneck dump trailer.

    When you figure you have to spend 20 grand on a good P/U truck to pull the 15 grand dump trailer you might aswell buy a F-550 dump.

    I don't know how insurance is in the USA but here if you pull a trailer your licensed for the whole weight of the combination. So if your combination weight is 20,000lbs your insured for that weight. Insurance would be about 1600 dollars a year. The insurance on my F-450 is cheaper than that and I don't need to have a CDL but I already have one.

    Then when you have a truck and trailer with a 20,000lb combined weight now your looking a annual motor vehical inspection every year. If you run long distances you have to have a log book and pre trip inspection. The DOT can put you through the ringer. You have to stop at highway scales. What a pain in the azz. If I was going through all that it would be easier to own a single axle dump.

    If you need more than 3-4 yards of gravel get it delivered much cheaper and h*ll of a lot less of a pain dealing with a trailer in a tight neighbourhood street. How are you suppose to get a trailer that is 20 feet long backed into a spot that you can barely get a F-550 with a 11 foot dump box into.

    If you can't get the vehical into the places you need to go what is the point in having it. You can have this huge trailer but if it doesn't go anywhere why own it.

    I guess I'am used to dealing with close tollerances. Places I have to back into your dealing with inches not feet I mean inches. Get on a tight construction site here if your not good with the mirrors somebodies vehical is going to get body damage. I would laugh if somebody showed up with a trailer at a jobsite especially a dump trailer you will be wheel barrowing the material the 1/8th of a mile to the house :laugh:

    One place I worked it was a gamble to drive in because once you drove in it was hard to back out. If you did drive in there was very little room to turn around. Somedays it would take 5 minutes to turn around make one mistake you could get stuck.

    Lots of places you have to watch for the trees you have fractions of inches of clearance between the front fender of the truck and a tree. A 80 foot tall tree isn't going to move but the sheet metal will bend.

    I wish I had a camera to take pictures of the places I have had to go and the loads I hauled out of these places. It will make the city boys quit their job if they had to deal with it. For landscapers here trailers are not a option a 2wd drive truck is not a option anymore you need 4 wheeldrive in a regular P/U truck. Any cube vans need a locker or a good limited slip with good lug tires to get the traction.
  10. nosparkplugs

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    GR 40 acres to turn a gooseneck????, come on man you know full well a Gooseneck has a tighter turning radius than a bumper pull trailer the same length.

    20k here in the USA gets you a 1/2 ton, maybe a stripped down 3/4 with a small V8 gasburner.

    Insurance here in the USA is different than Canada. To put it in a nutshell for easy digestion your insured based on the truck size, & the weight limit your tag carries, and your driving record.

    The Pipe line I contract with uses 4x4 trucks, but even the heavy equipment contractor runs 2x2 Ford Trucks, when you get stuck you use a track-hoe or bulldozer to get you out. Here 4x4 is a total waste of money. The only time I could justify a 4x4 was when I lived in the snow belt up north. Here in the south 4x4 is a option that some opt-out for with zero regret.

    Need to get further into the pipe line we use a Kubota RTV900, thats fun, and don't have to worry about scratching that 40K truck.

    Famous last works in a 4x4 truck "watch this":nono:


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