Dump Truck vs. Dump Trailer

Jake the grass guy

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We did the same with our Walker, Navigator, Exmark UltraVac and sometimes our Deere with a bagger. But we did buy a leaf vac so we don't use the dump trailer as much anymore for cleanups.

Never had a problem with weight distribution as dump trailers tend to be a bit heavier to begin with, add the debris up front and no issues,
looking to do this as my setup this fall with a leaf vac on the mower and putting everything in my enclosed and getting the leafs out can be a pain.

Jake the grass guy

LawnSite Senior Member
Like Mark said never had a problem, I like the open trailer as opposed to the Vac setup we used to run. We can throw all the branches in the load as well as the leaves from the mower. We've changed our thought process a lot in the last few years switching to a mulch first, bag second mentality.

So for example we had one property where we would have around 40 CY's of leaf debris. Mulching that property we cut it down to under 6 CY's making the vac kind of redundant. Why dump the shredded debris from the hopper on the ground to suck it up when you could just back into the trailer and dump the hopper?
So let me clarify that! lol are you saying your mulching the leafs and side discharging them then going over them with the bagger/walker or do you mean just in general going over them with the mower/bagger and dumping them in the trailer. Just trying to figure out the best way to do leaf cleanups in the future is as far as maximizing the space i will have in the trailer. I have a JD 652r im hooking up to a maxfill2 from red magic performance and planning on getting a dump as well for my process vs going the blow it to the street and suck it up with the billy goat way. thoughts?


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Yes, we mulch the leaves from the time they start dropping until it's time to clean up. On some properties we'll just go over the leaves until they are "chopped up" and then vac them with the Walkers. For us it just saves the hassle of plows and vacs and the sheer volume of leaves in general.

If they're mulched they are more dense and don't have the volume filling your truck/trailer. It saves a ton on trips to the dump site because the leaves are more compact.

Should also mention these are on commercial/municipal properties so whatever leaf debris is left on the ground is okay to compost back into the ground, some homeowners aren't really keen on seeing any material left in their lawn.