dump truck with sliding box

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DodgeD300DumpTruck, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. DodgeD300DumpTruck

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    Not Trying to bug you but what advantages do you find with the sliding box bobcat ron i saw a vid of it on youtube years ago and where did you buy it and should i put one on my 1978 Dodge D300 to transport my deere 70D and Bobcat 843 what truck was it on wasnt it a volvo
  2. bearmtnmartin

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    Are you talking about a truck and transfer?
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  3. DodgeD300DumpTruck

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    I ment a rollback with sides to transport dirt scrap etc and rollback to transport a mini excavator or bobcat
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  4. bobcat_ron

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    Wow, good memory.

    My Dad built and designed that box on his 1991 Mack midliner, full 8 foot wide and 20 feet long all steel box with 3/8" floor, box slides on rails all the way out then he can lower the box to the ground and drive his PC-60 Komatsu inside, pull the box back and go. Bit heavy and nothing to tie a load down with, but it still gets second looks on jobs, and he can even lift the entire ass end of the truck out of a mud hole and push himself out, or change a tire, serious power in his hydraulic system.
    The rails are made of channel and I beam, and they do not come apart, my brother and I helped him slide them together, the cylinder that pushed the box is a custom dual action single stage and the main lifting cylinder is a custom 5 stage single action telescopic with a massive main bore, both cylinders were made by a local hydraulic specialist about 15 minutes down the highway.
    The box alone weighs just around the 8000 pound mark and the entire truck empty tips the scales at 16,000 pounds, Dad built it HEAVY, I still remember dropping slabs of concrete in the box "accidentally" and watching them literally bounce up.
    The box is stil in it's original color; rust brown, he never paints anything.
  5. DodgeD300DumpTruck

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    ive also sen one a small rhd cab over neat idea dont se why it dident catch on
  6. Jelinek61

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    Thats sounds pretty cool. Ron you should post a pic if you got one.
  7. DodgeD300DumpTruck

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    can you post a walk around of it id like to see that truck in good detail
  8. DodgeD300DumpTruck

    DodgeD300DumpTruck LawnSite Member
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    ron you should post a video of it on youtube showing the deatails its a pretty cool truck

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