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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cmcfalls, Feb 20, 2001.

  1. cmcfalls

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    Was wondering if anyone could tell me what a 1975 chevy 1 1/2 ton dump truck was worth? Body is in great shape, new brakes and bearings all around and motor rebuilt not too long ago. PTO rebuilt. Wanted 4200.00 got down to 3500.00. Does anyone have any info as if a good deal or not, this is the first dump truck I'm getting. THANKS CHUCK
  2. 75

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    1-1/2 ton? Is that a C/K-35, or one of the bigger ones with 20" tires? I had an appraisal done on my own 1975 GMC C-35 ('75 was a good year!) back in Oct/97, it came up $7800 - $8000 (Canadian $ of course, so knock a bunch off!) so if everything is in good shape as you say, $3500 probably isn't too bad. Nice to see another 1975 out there ! Can you post a picture? (Chuck Smith has pictures of a bunch of the LS members' trucks on his snowplowing site: http://www.snowplowing-contractors.com , mine's in there too)
  3. cmcfalls

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    the tires on this dump are only 16" tires, said was 1 ton HD
  4. jrodgers

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    Yo dude couldnt find much in the truck trader their web site is http://www.autotrader.com. If you think it is a good deal just get it or wait maybe he'll come down a little. Anyone else have an input?.......JR
  5. 75

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    If it's running 16" rubber that would make it pretty much the same type of 1-ton I own and also the welding truck I drive. ('79 Chev C-30) Parts availability is good, (both mechanical and body panels) so there won't be a problem keeping it running and back then they were pretty simple & straightforward - easy to make repairs when they are required. It should also come with HEI ignition (a good thing) since '75 was the first year GM used it in their trucks. Gas mileage will shock you! :eek: 10 mpg is doing good! All in all, I agree with jrodgers: if you like it, buy it.
  6. Prasino

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    Go to edmunds.com, and look at what price they give for that truck

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