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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Superiorlandscaping, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. Superiorlandscaping

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    I have the opportunity to purchase another dump truck. It is a 1974 Ford w/ a 360. It has approximately 150,000-175,000 miles. It is a 4 speed Manual with a new clutch, master cylinder, breaks and tires. It runs well. It has a pto dump. There is no rust, no strobe, no back up lights. The guy claims he tried to start up a landscaping business but failed and now he is forced to sell it. He is asking 2800 bucks. Of course I wont pay what he is asking but what should I offer him. Any info you have will be awesome, such as, since this is an old dump truck, is it ****, will it last, does it have enough power, and so on. Thanks. - tim
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    Like you said... its OLD... just about 30 yrs old!!! i would NOT recommend purchasing it...simply on the fact that its 30 yrs old. I think that truck has seen its time.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    If you were a homeowner or a farmer that used the truck only for personal use the truck maybe fine but forget about trying to use it for your business.

    The truck is OLD the 360 engine is a real pig on fuel the 74s have 4 wheel drum brakes so don't expect it to stop on a dime its probably shod with 7.50-16 bias ply tires on split rim wheels.

    The weak link in the driveline is these old trucks used small U joints so start carrying heavy loads you can blow a driveshaft fairly easy. If the springs have never been replaced in the truck look at replacing them 28 year old springs are pretty weak. Wiring is another big problem your constantly fighting shorts broken connections these 77 and older trucks seem to burn up headlight switches like no tommorow.

    Theres more things these old 70s trucks have problems with myself I like the 78-79 Fords I used to run them alot but now trying to get parts for them is too hard.

    Good luck
  4. Randy Scott

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  5. Brickman

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    We have all tried to educate customers in what ever biz we are in at the moment that cheaper is not always better.

    I think this would be a great home owner truck, that won't use it more than a few times a month, not for every day work.
  6. Superiorlandscaping

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    My thoughts for the truck was just to deliver cordwood, mulch, stones, and dirt and do my landscaping with the truck. It was just a thought of picking up a second truck for added security but now i guess i am not going to waste my money. - tim
  7. Gravel Rat

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    It might be worth looking at if you get the truck for 2000 bucks it all depends on what the truck is like its hard to tell sight unseen.

    If the hoist and box is brandnew thats worth alot of money right there the PTO isn't unless its one that bolts to a T-18 the juice pump and tank is worth some money.

    I like the old 70s Fords especially the 78-79s like I meantioned in my first post but for nowwadays standards old trucks can't really compete with the newer iron. I would love to have a 79 F-350 LWB cab and chassis truck and put a 12 foot dump deck on it but it can't even come close to the F-Superduties I have been using which is needed nowwadays.

    I do small material deliveries and a old F-350 can just pack 2 yards of material and thats heavy pushing being overloaded and people usually want 2.5-3 yards. They pizz and moan they don't want to pay for two trips and don't want to pay for a 5 ton single axle or want a 5 ton truck on their driveway.

    I do get jobs where the homeowner has to have me make more trips because getting a larger truck down the driveway is impossible. I had a guy that wanted 12 yards of drain rock I did it in 4 trips it cost him 140 dollars in trucking but he didn't want a gravel truck tearing up his paved driveway. A tandem would have charged him 65 bucks to deliver the 12 yards of material. I had this other job delivering to a lakeside cabin delivered 24 yards of different materials to the house a tandem axle gravel truck has too much trouble traveling the 14kms of forestry road to the house I made good money on that one.
  8. brentsawyer

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    Whenever I think about buying anything used, I ALWAYS try to position myself later on as being a seller of it and trying to figure out what someone else may pay for it and what expense would be involved in selling it. Now, if you buy the truck for $2,500, would you be albe to sell it later in a reasonable amount of time for something you would be comfortable with?
  9. Superiorlandscaping

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    Alright lets change this up alittle bit. Enough on that old truck. What is your preference for new trucks. I have always used GMC for my dumps. They have always been extremely dependable and look great. I dislike fords. I know alot of you will disagree with me but i am against fords. I dont like the way the look and their reputations. I have a dodge ram 1500 sport 2000 right now for my personal truck. It is awesome. I love it. I cannot tell if I should make the switch to dodge dump trucks. THey have plenty of power options up to a v10. I think ford does too. I like to keep my fleet all the same kind. Let me know what you think..
  10. Gravel Rat

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    If your gonna not buy a Ford buy a Chev/GMC their Cab and chassis trucks are just as good as a Ford I wouldn't buy a Dodge cab and chassis truck. Look on the road do you see many commercial used Dodge trucks like P+D flatdecks and Cube vans there is a reason why is they are junk.

    Chrysler never was interested in building trucks for commercial purposes so they are not designed heavy enough so go buy yourself a Chevy. There isn't anything wrong with Ford trucks I have been using them for my trucking business for 10 years best truck ever made I don't like Dodge they are a joke for a truck.

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