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Dumped my first customer.


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About six weeks ago I put a bid out for mowing and fertilizer/weed control. I win the contract and proceed to sub out the fert/weed control while handling the mowing duties myself. The fertilizer guy has to reschedule the initial application because it rained. So three weeks ago he does the initial application. The lawn isn't in the best shape but I originally told the customer that next spring the lawn will look like their neighbors. Needless to say the PITA keeps calling wondering why the lawn looks like hell. I tell them they have to wait and that it will take time. Well he called again on Saturday and I told him "Please find another company to service your home." He said "Okay, send me a final bill". I just printed it and will mail it out on Monday. Now I feel good.:weightlifter:


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I can understand pita people, but I think I would have approached the issue differently. I maybe would have drove over their when he called about the lawn walked around the yard with him and pointed out exactly what the lawn needs to look good. pointing out the various grasses and weeds explained the soil condition. I suspect he was needing something you were not giving him maybe reassurance the lawn is on the right track and that you have a interest. If I subbed out a important job like a early season pre-emergent and the guy couldn't get to it for 3 weeks that is a huge amount of time I would have done it myself. I would never allow a sub to disappoint or effect my customers satisfaction, never give subs that kind of power. I also would never sub out fert apps their is to much profit just to give it away. I also would have matter of factly stated money will make a lawn look good what do you want to invest.


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I agree with the above poster. You got the work 6 weeks ago, it took the guy three weeks to do one app because it rained? Are you sure he did the app at all? If this lawn was in bad shape, why did you not aerate and topdress?
\ You cannot expect just fert and herbicide to repair a lawn that is in bad shape. I know I can get a lawn looking better in six weeks, or at least it won't look like hell anyway.
By the way, just so you know
you did not "put out a bid" nor did you "win the contract"
what you did was you quoted a price on a job and were hired.
When you say you "put out a bid" and "win a contract" that means in this industry that you
submitted a bid for a commercial property that was accepting bids for work from all Lawn service companies who cared to submit one
and when you
"win a contract" that means you were in competition for the work against other LCO's and your bid won out above all others who submitted a bid for the same work.