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  1. supercuts

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    my rant.....ive had it with late paying customers. had a customer, still owed me from aug and sept. at the end of sept i stopped working due to his non-payment. sent numerous late notice/invoices with no response. called numerous times and left messages at his office and home, no response. waited, waited some more, knocked on his door at home today, wife answers. she has always been very nice, i politely ask her to have her husband call me about our outstanding invoices and let her know ive been calling/sending for months. she says how much and writes a check.

    in about the time it takes her to call him and tell him, hes calling and leaving a message for me to not cash the check because hes not sure its the correct amount. yeah right. she made it out to my name, which they never do, i cash it immediately. finally spoke to him tonight. when asked how he was he responds, "not good after hearing you went to my house demanding payment!." as I calmly and as professional as i could, i put him in his place. his reasoning was because he didnt have time!

    I said, clearly i will not be working for you anymore and you will need to make other arrangments.

    got another, guy complained about us not blowing off the pool patio on the final cut of the year, i told him there was absolutely nothing on it! he said well you didnt ask me. then i started in on him explaining for now on i am to recieve my payments immediately after the invoices are sent since he's always late. he looked at me with at straight face and said, and i quote, "im never late, i always sent the check when you send me my late notice."!!!!!!!
    im writing my letter tonight that we are no longer interested in providing him services, since the year is officially over for him

    just my rant

  2. Pro-Turf  LLC

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    gotta love it im still trying to collect from some people NOT FUN!
  3. SimonCX

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    I had a similar experience, I called a couple times and she never answered or called back then I finally went and knocked on the door when I knew she was home. First she was surprised that I came to the house, she paid but said it was inappropriate that I came to the house. I told her it was inappropriate that she was late over a month and to find herself someone else to cut the grass. I can't stand people like this, its not my problem that they can't get there finances straight.
  4. ChadA

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    People just amaze me. Where do they get the nerve even having you do the work if they can't pay. I have to deal with this once and a while and it is the worst.
  5. Metz

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    i have a customer that is almost 2 months late! its my aunt and uncle! thats frustrating, cause i can't be a jerk to them, but i want my damn money

    TREEGUARD LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have a customer that sent me a check November 11 and writes a note that my bill is incorrect and shorted me the differance. She said that she checked her records & she is right as she says i dont pay late fee's I send my payment at the end of the month all the time. keep in mind this customer lives 2 miles from my office. I don't think the mail is that slow.
  7. nitro121

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    I just contacted two people tonight on the phone....of course "they were just thinking about me today". Both customers said the same thing....after not returning calls and signing for collection letters. I sent out about 10 return reciept letters to customers. I got about 5 signed for and the others never did accept theirs. Here's my problem......

    Each one owes between 40 - 90 bucks....it costs $76 to file at the court....I already spent $20+ on receipt letters. Now say I spend around $500 to take 7 people to court...time at the courthouse, day off for hearing...they're guilty. Well that doesn't mean they are going to pay :cry:...they just owe you money and it's varified by the courts....double what it was because of court costs. SO....

    Why even do it...take my 500 dollar loss, or spend another 500 and hope to collect. I've come to find out, you just have to keep calling and hope they pay (for me anyway). I waited on purpose....about 2 months since my last call....so maybe they'd pick up because the number didn't look familiar.

    I'M the one who needs to change my business and never let anyone get 1 cut behind. I'm going to look into debit/credit systems and hope people jump on board....or start charging cuts in advance. How much does a credit charge system......or approx cost for 100 customers??

  8. supercuts

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    i should have called this WINTER CLEANING. if they were regularly late, they are getting a letter. NO MORE! im booked solid, over 100 lawns, i dont need this crap anymore. ill start backfilling bad customers with new ones
  9. landscaper22

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    I just talked to one of my customers last Friday about this same crap! He is not late all the time. I know that sometimes in the past he has just forgot to pay, and he is really nice, so I somehow put up with it. But he owes me for one visit in September, two in October, and two in November. So he got an invoice at the end of Sept, Oct, and Nov, but waited until he got the Nov invoice to contact me and tell me that he is running behind and things are slow for him, and other people owe him money (several thousand dollars). And told me I would have to wait until the end of this month for him to get caught up before he pays me...I was steaming. I will inform him, after I get my money, that he needs to make other arrangements for his lawn too.
    You've just gotta love em....:mad:
  10. Pro-Turf  LLC

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    sounds like its time to plow some people in :cool2:

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