dumping hopper for a dingo

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by tnmtn, Apr 1, 2012.

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    You definately dont want the forkster forklift. Its very hard to turn and if your on grass that spot is ripped up in a heartbeat. That said it definately lifts 2500 lbs 8 foot high, there is not doubt about that. The forkster is best used on your yard to unload things. If your thinking about moving stuff around your customers yard forget about it.

    There was a company that made a hopper for a dingo. I got one of there flyers in the mail. It was cool because you could fit your dingo inside the hopper when you were trailering it, saving alot of space. Ill see if I can dig up the flyer at the office. It was three years ago and a lot of companies have been busto since then
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    I had seen the same attachment and wasn't able to find it through searches. If you could find a link to it that would be ideal.
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    Yes, I want one....

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    if you get one get some wider wheels, those seem like they would leave some nice ruts.

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