Dumping in Colorado


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I need help. I am a few years into the business, and am wondering what to do about debris/grass/etc.. I live in Co., and the dump here costs $50+ to dump a normal truck load (shortbed/longbed). I never take it there, and have other ways, but would like to take it there when possible. Is this a normal rate? Should I write someone, and tell them how pissed I am? Please help!:cry:


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Writing someone won't help with that. Those prices are becoming the trends everywhere.
What you to do locate a landowner that has a coulee and doesn't need that hole in the ground. Pay him a small fee for dumping there or do a service for him now and then. I've got a spot across the road from me where I field mow 1 once a summer in trade for dumping all the yard waste there. I spread it around nice and level so it looks decent. Going to the local dump is a losing situation money wise.


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I don't know where you are, but I usually go to mountain states wood recyclers off oxford and santa fe in englewood, The seem to have the best by far organic dump prices.