Dumping isuzu npr box truck

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by tyslawnservice, Jan 24, 2012.


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    Looks great keep the pictures comming.

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    very nice truck keep up the good work, are u getting it lettered ?
  3. larryinalabama

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    Looks cool I just keep watching
  4. lawnpropm

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    Maybe post a video of how it works.....very cool tho. How much $ did you save doing it yourself?
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  5. ReddensLawnCare

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    I like the idea, but my concern would be the dump system. If you have already thought of these things, ignore them, if not, then I hope they help:
    1.) If your dump area is full of grass, especially if wet, it is really going to compress on you and make a semi-solid block. When you open the door in the back, the clipping wont fall out until you begin to dump, so if you are not paying attention, on your way up with the lift you will bust the top out off the truck if the grass/clippings dont come out easily.
    2.) As you lift the "floor" what is to keep the grass from falling over the back edge. If that happens to many times, your floor will be covered with grass as I do not see an easy way to get in between your modified wall and "floor/dump"
  6. tyslawnservice

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    yes i have thought about the grass falling off the back and sides solution: a thick tarp where the cables attach for lifting up to the roof should work just fine. for the sides i'm getting some rubber and cutting then bending it to a L shape and attaching it to the flatbed so it scrapes the sides as it goes to dump.

    as for the roof: i'll just cut it off if it doesn't work and make the part over the grass holder roofless
  7. KrayzKajun

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    PRICELESS!!!!! Now that is how you adapt and overcome! I like how you think!:waving:
  8. tyslawnservice

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    i like to call it a "work in progress"
    the first idea was to cut off the hole box and make it a flat bed and add a dump bed to that.
    i've been pitchforking wet grass and leaves for 10 years and think this is my ticket. if it doesn't work i'll just keep working on it till i get it how i like it.

    as for money in the project.

    dump winch 479
    steel (including the ramp) 1800?
    winch for ramp 180
    welder and bottle(full set up) 900

    i was quoted just for the dump part 5k for labor and 1k for steel. didn't get a quote for the ramp.
  9. S-205

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    I hope your Warn winch holds up, it'll have a fairly easy life, but ours never held up all too well.
  10. Nick's Lawn Care

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    Just an idea, move the winch to the right or left side and put a pulley in the place of the winch? This would allow you to lift the dump higher and you don't have to worry about the winch getting in the way of the load. You could also add a few more pulleys into the mix and can take some of the stress out of the winch.

    Sorry I'm a tree guy and love mechanical advantage.

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