Dumping isuzu npr box truck

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by tyslawnservice, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. LindblomRJ

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    Looking really good.
  2. tyslawnservice

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    took the morning and made some brackets for the spring lift and..... it works great! i'm amazed how well it works i can now put it up and down with out the winch and it makes it a lot easier on the winch. i'm thinking of getting some more tubes and springs pulleys and doing it to the other side.

    it took 2 springs(one pack 170lb) $32
    2 chainlink posts i think they where 8 each?
    some random pulleys about 12 bucks
    and some cable i had here allready

    will up load pics tonight?
  3. KS_Grasscutter

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    The warning signs you got are Slow Moving Vehicle signs, and is illegal to display them on any vehicle that travels faster the (either 25 or 30) miles per hour. I would take em off and instead get a roll of DOT reflective tape. Could probably find it at Northern Tool or TSC.
  4. tyslawnservice

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    you think this truck can go over 30? lol
    thanks for the heads up on the signs that sounds about right sense i haven't seen any one else with signs like that
    i'll put the signs on my walkers always wanted signs like that on my walkers. this reminds me of my plow light i got last year... it was red, i used it part of a night and kept thinking i had a fire truck behind me... why the heck would they sell a red flashy light if its only for fire trucks?(it was cheaper then the yellow lights. i now have a sweet red light for my shed)
  5. tyslawnservice

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    here are some pics of the gate assist i made last week. ended up making a 2nd one for the driver side. no it will not rub on the tires looks close but there will be enough room not to rub. i'm amazed at how well this spring system works. i took a pic of the supply's i used. aprox 80 bucks per side, thats 2 (170#)springs per side. i can now lift it with out the winch if needed.

    today i put the rubber on the sides of the dump bed and attached the tarp fully.
    i'm uploading a video to youtube as i type. i will post the link soon!




  6. tyslawnservice

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  7. phillie

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    Nice, Are you going to get it wrapped or lettered?
  8. tyslawnservice

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    lettered, i'll up load some pics of my shirts with my logo on it
  9. Copacabana

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    I am impressed with your fabricating skills. Its giving me something to think about. I have a SLT and always have to send two trucks on our big properties that requires bagging. Great job!
  10. tyslawnservice

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    what kind of slt do you have? just a box truck like i started with? i know they offer alot of mods to there trucks. you can post pics if you want

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