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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tajn84, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. tajn84

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    i was just wondering what is the best or cheapest way to remove the grass and brush from clients houses. i see a lot of people dumping the clippings then i also see a lot of people bagging them and leaving it on the curb. any input would be appreciated thanks. location is ny
  2. jsw2008

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    If the city or county will pick up the clippings on the curb, I just put them out there. If the client is in a rural area and has no city or county service and no where on the property that they will let you dump, you have no choice but to haul them off to the county dump yourself. Just make sure you tell the customer there is an extra dump fee.
  3. mowerbrad

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    Most of the time the garbage services will pick up yard waste but this service is one that costs money. If I were you I would try to just discharge or mulch as many lawns that you can. That way you won't have to worry about the clippings, just blow off the drive way and your done.
  4. vinny69

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    I do mainly res properties and leave it there at there garbage,to take to the dump cost money and they close at 4:30 plus for me i've only got the truck FULL of equipment.Never had a problem,even spring clean ups 10 to 20 even 30 bags lol.If they ask i tell them that the garbage guys have to take it but it may take a few weeks because of limits on number of bags,and that's why you pay for garbage tax.Doin it for 9 years now

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