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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Adam3669, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Adam3669

    Adam3669 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a customer that wants alot of plants and ornamentals removed and hauled off...but i am not taking them to the local trash dump because i do not want to ruin my tires...is there anywhere else i can legally dump this crap..or do you guys have any other suggestions?

    Thanks, Adam
  2. lawncare18

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    Any landscape dumps in the area.. that are strictly for landscapers??? Village property maybe leave them on the side of the street if the town or village picks up ??
  3. NTAnnin

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    Hey, don't know where you are in O.P., but suburban lawn and garden has an organic dump site at 135th and wyandotte. It is basically on 135th right after you get into MO. Their number is 816-941-2438 and they have way better prices than any garbage dump. Thats where lots of O.P. lawn companies tend to dump.

  4. befnme

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    :laugh: :laugh: you have got to be kidding me right . you do this kind of work all day and haul stuff around in your truck but you dont want to get the tires dirty ???:laugh: give me a break .
  5. jcthorne

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    Usually mulch manufacturers allow dumping of organic matter for a minimal charge. The will usually pull the debris off of your travel for free as well. Just make sure you stand a pallet up vertically at the front of your trailer and hook a chain around the pallet and run it to the end of your trailer before you load the debris. Then when you get to the dump most places will let you hook the chain to the loader and it will pull off all of the debris without you haven't to lift a finger.
  6. NTAnnin

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    This is the website for the Suburban dump site that I previously mentioned. I guess my last post on here was my first... Kinda funny considering i've been reading through these pages for about a year now. By the way, what is your company's name? I also own a company in O.P., KS

  7. Adam3669

    Adam3669 LawnSite Senior Member
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    befnme, please re-read my post...carefully. You will notice I said "ruin" not "dirty". I beleive there is a very large difference. The roads at deffenbaugh(sp?) are littered with junk, and I do not want to run over anything sharp, like a stray nail, that will *ruin* my tires. Thank you.

    And for everybody else, thanks for the responses...I hadn't even thought about suburban or any of the other places. I am at 103rd and Antioch..quite a distance but willing to take it.

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