Duplex Controllers/rain sensor

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirt Boy, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Dirt Boy

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    Have a duplex which is going to have separate sprinklers for each half. Would like to install Hunter Pro-C controller, or equivalent, and I have a few questions:
    1. If you install 2 controllers within 20' of each other, will you have any problems when you use a remote control? Are they "coded" or will it be turning on whichever one your closest to?
    2. If you have wireless rain sensors, is there a way to utilize just one, and interrupt both controllers?

  2. DanaMac

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    I don't know about the remotes.

    but I doubt it on the rain sensors. They still need a receiver installed to the controller, and they are probably set up receiver/transmitter(sensor) so that they don't interfere with the neighbors. I could be wrong. Maybe you can set the sensor to feed two receivers.
  3. mikecaldwell1204

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    No with the Hunter remote controls you will not have a problem as you can set each receiver as a different number. Its in the instruction manual that came with the remotes and its not to difficult to do just have to press a bunch of buttons if I remember correctly.
  4. Without A Drought

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    relative to the rain sensors, you used to be able to re-address sensors to different receivers. i know that hunter changed a few things last year to make them more reliable, and i'm not sure if that feature was eliminated. check the manual for how to re-address the sensor. you will still need two receivers.

    i don't know about the remotes.

  5. Kiril

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    If the duplex is owned by the same person, why not use one controller for both sides?
  6. AI Inc

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    When using a remote, you will not have it hooked up to both controllers at once, dont worry about it.

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