dupont response to imprelis damage

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassman177, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. grassman177

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    finally got a rep up here to look at and document our damage reports.

    he took pics, got our app statment of service for info etc. offered advice to make sure the trees dont suffer drought stress.

    then, i got an emial from them letting us know they were on top of it, and this would be followed up in a few weeks or so by the investigative research team to further things along etc. so, things are starting to roll so to speak with this claim and whatnot.:clapping:

    just thought i would report what is going on here to ease frustrations a bit for some of you.

    bascally you need to pester your area rep from dupont to get out and start the claim process so everything can move foward.

    good luck all
  2. dandd75

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  3. pieperlc

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    Was anything said as to what Dupont is going to do as far as taking responsibility? Any hint of compensation for replacing?
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  4. grassman177

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    no hint of what they are gonna do, basically they are not going to commit yet until further research is done.
  5. cod8825

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    They are stalling trying to take their time and let things pan out. I agree that they have to do their do diligence and such but.... The longer this thing drags out the harder that it will be to prove the agent is in the ground, tree, etc....

  6. JoJo1990

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    My hunch is they know they will have to replace a large amount of trees that will obviously not recover. Some, however, are just showing some signs of damage to new growth and have stayed that way for over 30 days. If the damage does not progress, they may be thinking that pruning and fertilizing next year by an arborist may be help to bring the tree back. The big issue is obviously no one has any data to go off of as this had never happened before.

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    This link will get you right to the podcast:

    NOTE: Let it “buffer” then go to 6:05 minutes to hear “the Imprelis mess” update from Rutgers.
  8. Mark Oomkes

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    Sounds like stall and deny to me. And hope most of the trees come back.
  9. grassman177

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    still think the label needs to be re written bigtime. i am sure that it will cuz i hear the epa is in on this now, which they sure as hell should be especially considering the magnitude of this issue.
  10. grassman177

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    I received a call today for infomation gathering on all site specs pre actual visit from the "investigative team" today. no indication as to when, forgot to ask cuz it was the end of a very hot day in hell outside. got a phone number set up for this issue , and a claim number assigned to me. Just thought you guys would want to know where this is going, and what to expect from real encounters with Dupont. WIll let you know anything i can just like i have done with my clients. I think they are accepting of it, but i am sure they are not happy more than i can tell.

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