Dura Products - ZSpray

Christopher DelaCruz

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Is anyone running a Zspray/permagreen with the Duraproduct quick fill system? I have been looking at this product for about a year now and am still undecided on whether or not its worth it. Having to run a different tank that is not a standard nurse tank I feel like might be the killing factor. What are you thoughts ?



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That looks like a nice system. I wouldn't buy it.

I just made my own with a water pump and banjo fittings. It will mix up a couple hundred gallons in no time. I just run the pump at idle and get lots of agitation. The long hose I fill 17 gallons in about 15 seconds, which is fast enough for me bit I could throttle up and do it much faster. I didn't bother making a banjo fitting to the zspray for completely closed system but you could go that route.
I have about $400 in the whole thing.


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Can you send me your contact info, I like this system and would like to get some additional info. from you, thanks Jerry.