Durablend or regular oil for 20hp Honda

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by WC46, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. WC46

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    I'm going to pick up a new Hustler Fastrak tomorrow. It has the 20hp Honda. I want to start out in the right direction. Should I use the synthetic blended oils or stay with the regular type oils?
  2. lschultz

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    Its your choice to use synthetic or not.I just bought a new Cub Cadet and when I change oils at 24hrs I will put Amsoil in it.I use there 2cy oil in everything too.Just mix it one time.
  3. Rooster

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    Since you are buying new, and Hustler is a sponsor of lawnsite, post your question in the Hustler forum. Someone from Hustler will contact or answer your question.

  4. Pelican

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    You'll need to run conventional oil in your machine to allow it to break in correctly. Synthetic oils are so slippery that they won.t allow the rings and bearings to seat and you won't see the full efficiency of your engine until they do. I don't know what the length of time should be, but I'd guess 25 hours should do.

    I can't imagine why anyone would recommend against switching, synthetics are much more resistant to heat breakdown and our small engines rely on oil for cooling. The only downside is that these oils are so slippery that they'll get past a worn gasket or seal before a conventional oil and you may discover a leak you weren't aware of.

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