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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GrazerZ, Feb 20, 2005.

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    Fert salesmen faxed over some prices the other day. Hes trying to sell me a turf fertilizer that has a new slowrelease Nitro on the market called Duration.
    He said its a polymer coated Nitro that only releases when soil temps are above 50 degrees. Its only been on the market for three years. Wanted to know if anyone here has tryed it?
    Here are the prices he sent over:
    25-0-12 3%FE 40% SR (duration) $9.00 bag
    22-0-22 30% SR (duration0 $8.75 bag
    Pellitized Lime 50lb $4.00 bag
    18-5-9 .069 Talstar 30% SR $22.50 bag
    Treflan 5g 40lb $30.00

    Everything else was too high to list.
    Last year this same guy was selling Uflexx to me for great prices, but I wasn't to thrilled with the results from it. I feel it leaches into the soil from irrigation and when there is heavy rains.
    Let me know what you think. thanx for your help...
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    the prices seem fair but I do not know anything about duration.

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