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    Had a customer last year, did mowing for him and landscaped his front yard. All was well in the beginning. But the last 2 months of the season, he paid late in Oct. but in November 2 months went by with no payment. I sent late notices. Waited until after Christmas and I hit him hard with phone calls. He never answered. I left messages that he never returned. I sent him certified mail a demand of payment threatening legal action ect. if bill was not paid in 30 days. Well, I think about the 30th day the check finally arrived. I was definately pissed at the guy but his payment gave me 100 percent payment of all invoices for 03. Anyway, today I get home and there is a message from this guy wanting me to start up services again for him this year. He told me to call him at work Monday morning and let him know when I am coming. I cannot wait til Monday morning so I can tell him EXACTLY why I will NOT be coming. Anyone else ever deal with numbskulls like this? 99 percent of my customers are great, and have had alot of them for a number of years but every once in a while I run into a real idiot like this.
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    When you call him act eager to serve him. Be cheerful and polite. Schedule his cleanup and maintenance. Then don't show up but instead call and give some excuse......equipment broke, wife left you, help quit, etc. Reschedule work. Don't show up again. Keep this up until he gets mad and calls you on the carpet, then ask him how it feels to be left hanging. At that point you can either work for him or take satisfaction in knowing that, by now, whoever he gets to replace you will charge him more because his lawn will undoubtly be overgrown because of your witholding of service.
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    The guy paid right? maybe he was going thru a rough time, give him a warning let him know you are not gonna wait months for the payment. He was late twice give him a break.
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    As long as he paid his bills i'd be glad to have him back. If we dropped every account that was late or even a few months late we would be losing alot of $$$. Sometimes people have hard times or unexpected misfortunes. Its the ones that never paid that i'd like to talk to !
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    The tough time was called Christmas, and buying his bratty kids a bunch of crap is more important that you having money at christmas.I bill monthly for everyone, and Christmas time is the worst, or just after when they realize they overspent.....again!!!

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