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    Nebraska has a LOOOOOONG way to go to get back into the elite programs. They've got a long way to go just to catch up with OU and TX. Should have watched Bama and Ark or even Kentucky/ Louisville. FL is the real deal. ND is pathetic. Not good for College Football. Great recruits please go to ND, purty puhleeze. Tune into Pats/Chargers tonight. Should be great theatre.
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    See, now I knew there was a reason I liked you. :clapping:
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    Sorry... I'm one of those guys that loves to watch them fall on bad times. I find it very entertaining... especially since their ugly mugs will be on TV each and every week with their independent TV deal from many years ago. :laugh:

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    How I feel about Texas. Unfortunately Mack Brown has got them in great shape for a long time coming. ND plays top competition almost every week except fot its traditional games with Army. Their schedule is killer. Ags start with Montana St, Fresno St (no offense), LA at Monroe. We need ND to be great like we need the Yankees, Celtics, Lakers, Cowboys to all be great.
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    One of the worst things about living one country north of you guys is that our coverage of US College ball sucks. At best, I get the PAC 10 games.... blah. I really want the SEC and Big 12...can't even get the scores in the newspapers on Sunday morning for that.....
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    Trouble is, Notre Dame actually has academic standards, as opposed to the usual semi-pro college circuit.

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