Dwarf Burford holly problems...

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JShe8918, Jun 4, 2011.

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    The 1st pic is a dwarf gardenia. In a poor drainage situation and especially clay soil, plant the plant high. If you must amend the soil you should do the whole area not just the hole. The amended soil accepts water more easily and obviously it isn't draining out. I doubt the drainage hole you dug will be much benefit.
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    And the day keeps getting worse. Thanks for the I put guys. It is all appreciated. As if this want enough to get me worked up today i was watering my plants for my next job to find that they are mostly trash now. The three hour drive home in 100 degree weather tormented them. The shade cloth must have gotten way hot. 30 daylillys, 14 lantana, 5 lace cap hydrangeas, 3 knock out roses, and one muhley grass aren't usable. I can salvage them and use them at another job in a few weeks but not Tomorrow and no where near to get them. I'm beginning to think I should have kept my full time job. I didn't consider myself a newbie but I am certainly making all of the stupid mistakes that they do.
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    Ahhhh, the trappings of landscaping. Everyone thinks there is more money in it, and that might be true, but Murphy's law generally rules and that will kill production and profits.

    Chin up, it's all a learning experience. I still make mistakes and have thought like you. All you can do is power through and stay positive.
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    Have a customer with a Burford that literally died over night, leaves are still intact and still on plant, no sign of canker or wet feet. As you can see in the second pic, the exact same holly is feet apart and healthy only divided by a healthy Crepe Myrtle. Also no recent Herbicide activity!

    Holly 1.jpg

    holly 2.jpg

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