Dwarf Globosa spruce

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ltdlawn, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. ltdlawn

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    IMG_1730.PNG I have a customer that has 2 by walk way(crowded). He wants them pruned. I don't think you can but looking for advice or directed to some info.
    Can't talk into removal. Even replaced the right one last year.
  2. starry night

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    About all you can do is shear them a little. That is only a short delay in their eventual replacement. You need to tell your customer that this plant "wants" to be about 5-6 ft. in diameter and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Or you can restart with a 18-24 incher about every five years.
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  3. Trees Too

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    Ditto! Light shearing is about your only option. And not a great one at that, considering that other shrub on the right is already in poor shape.
  4. ltdlawn

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    The right one has filled in quite a bit. It was replaced before the mulch and trimup. Pictures from last year. Assuming using hand clippers. Be very selective and delicate.
    Thanks for input guys
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  5. CorgiTurf

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    Bonsai em'
  6. Love the Green Biz

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    When the ground is moist consider transplanting them to another location.

    Replace it with a true dwarf evergreen of your choice.
  7. TColemanP

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    Globosas are tricky. they are slow growers, so another option would be to "punch holes" into their canopy. this allows light to penetrate and will promote some more growth deeper into their branch structure and then will allow you more room to prune a little heavier. However this is a slow process, so if you're looking for immediate solutions, shear as tight as you can each year. I agree with others though- really need to try and educate your client that they really need replaced.
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