Dyed Pine Straw 20lb Round Bale Interest

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Pine Straw MD, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Pine Straw MD

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    Is anyone, anywhere, interested in this product? 20lb round bale-cut the strings and it unrolls to a 2" depth. Dyed any color you want, the dye acts as a preservative eliminating one re-install as the dye lasts one year and at the end of the year you have the pre-dyed pine straw which will break down at its normal rate. I can weatherproof palletize it or send via normal tractor trailer load. It costs 40% more than current wholesale market price for mainstream products. Slash straw is used to make this product. As it is processed intensively, this is a 100% clean, super clean product that saves on install labor with the 20lb round bale. I stand behind the product and will rectify any problems should they come up.

    Obviously the main sale approach is as a value proposition where the end user is getting whatever percent off what a second annual install would cost plus delivery & install labor. I have brochures that are available to help with sales.

    If anyone cares to PM me that is fine or let me know what you think right in this thread.

  2. White Gardens

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    I'm interested, I'll PM you with info when I get the chance.

    Unfortunately there isn't anyone offering pine-straw around here (availability), but I've had interest from some customers after watching the Masters (Golf) earlier this year.

    I'm interested in un-dyed straw, but I'm intrigued by the rolls you are offering.
  3. coolluv

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    Post some pics. I can't pm you because you don't have enough posts. Give us some more information.

  4. Pine Straw MD

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    More information- The dye, obviously, is environmentally safe.

    The bales are 15" diameter x 24" in length. Absorption/loss in broken bales plus cleanup labor for the pile of loose straw that accumulates by the trailer or work area is eliminated due to the multiple wrapping with twine of the bale.

    I'm also considering chopped and dyed straw. It would come in a bag and the pieces are about 1/4" long. That is super easy to just dump the bag around things-well you guys know.

    Would the dyed bale of straw be more appealing if it was long leaf?

    I can't think of any other information, help me out.

    As far as posting pictures, is this a photobucket opportunity or whats the procedure?
  5. Pine Straw MD

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  6. White Gardens

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    I'm interested in just the un-dyed long leaf.
  7. skennedy

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    Realize this is an old post but very intersting.

    Pine Straw MD, who do you purchase colorant from? Look here for competitors.
  8. nc-jrock

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    How is this dye environmentally safe? When the dye is eventually washed off of the pine straw does it go into the soil and destroy the microbiology?
  9. skennedy

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    If the dye is organically (carbon) based FeO2 pigments found naturally in the soil and diluted properly the EPA considers it safe.

    That is the base of our pigments used for our solution to top spary such material.
  10. Pine Straw MD

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    Using mechanical equipment does a few things--#1 forces the producer to clean the stands to a degree that puts them in the top spot in regard to product quality and cleanliness which can equate to a better sell price per unit. #2 You get rid of all of the per Diem and all other costs associated with manual labor. Beyond that, we were all taught at an early age to let the tool or machine do the work. #3 The packaging is consistent. You can adjust the size between 18 and 24lbs. and it will make the same size bale every time. #4 No more absorption cost/waste in labor etc. cleaning the trailer of broken bales. The twine wraps around the bales in a spiral so they just don't come apart. #5 In this case you can cut the strings and kick it and it will unroll. Do the next one right next to it and fluff the seams if its top coat. The edges don't require much effort to tuck and roll. The needles look better because they weren't bent around and smooshed down, just spun into a roll. Bottom line is that it saves on labor expense and improves production efficiency on the install.

    I've had requests for exclusivity agreements and had extremely positive responses from very small to very large retailers. My reputation has gotten good enough that I am now going to be handling all of the production operations for a 60k+ acre company that produces and installs all their own product.

    I'm also looking for other pine straw producers that would like to try a similar arrangement and service some of these whopper accounts that I have but can't possibly accommodate.

    Since I made this original post it has gotten to the point where I can now palletize and shrink wrap (weather proof) loads for smaller landscapers etc. so I don't have to leave my trailers on site.

    I have about 50 loads of fantastic long leaf left , 15 loads of slash and 100 loads of loblolly. So I will be out of business soon. If you want to try a load or pick some up, let me know.

    I'll have more samples to send out in Dec. but I"m tired of paying the Post Office $14 per bale!


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