dying birches

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Hillbilly, Dec 12, 2000.

  1. Hillbilly

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    Hi everybody, I live in east Tennessee and I have noticed in this area the river or white birches dying. I have lost several myself. thought it might be the D-hole borer, but all that I have read says they will kill young or weak trees. My trees are well established and appear to be healthy.
    If you have any suggestions or miracle cures any help would be welcome. Thanks
  2. Foster

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    I would still check for borers. How far south can Birch trees survive? Are they native there?
  3. Hillbilly

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    Foster, I have never seen one in the wild, but they are a hot item to have in landscape in this area and have been for many years.
    Since, we have had several years of strange weather, I have considered that it might be climate related. I will check with my counties extension agent and see what she says. thanks
  4. Rodney Anderson

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    Hillbilly if the birch trees have begun dying near the top of the tree it is a good sign that you may have the bronze birch bore. Make sure to check from the soil level up to the first lower branches. Birches are native to the upper noth U.S.. They are a hardy tree but are a soft wood.
    If thses simptoms are not as I explained check with local your local extention.
  5. Lanelle

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    I am in upper Zone 7 and birch trees struggle here. They seem to do well for a number of years before the heat/drought stress makes them suseptible to that birch borer. Then the top dies and gradually the whole tree. River birch (Betula nigra) survive better here.

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