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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by work4green, May 1, 2004.

  1. work4green

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    Hey Folks,

    I'd like your opinions on using a dye to recolor old mulch, specifically pinestraw. I've found some colorant through, if I remember correctly, Gemplers. www.gemplers.com

    They say to use a sprayer to distribute the dye.

    Has anyone tried this to keep the color from fading as fast and avoiding replacing as often?

  2. D Felix

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    We've played around with the Mulch Magic dye that A.M. Leonard sells. From what we've determined it works well if you can apply it early in the season before the perennials start to emerge. Otherwise you spend a lot of time spraying around the plants, trying to not dye the plants brown.

    It's best to have 2 people when spraying the dye around a house. One spraying, the other following behind cleaning up overspray that might happen to get onto the siding. Make sure you have a sprayer that works well, or you will quickly dye the foundation and siding brown. Use a scoop shovel or similar to shield the foundation as you dye along it. Saves some cleanup time.

    We haven't used it much yet, so we don't know how long it will hold it's color.

  3. Lawntycoon

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    Ive used mulch magic while avoiding curbs, wind and of course vehicles and rain it really works well... Ive even run out and went to the local lowes store and tried (liquid) cement dye (red) and guess what...............in a pinch? it works too...of course you do pay alittle more for it that way but in a pinch?its not all that much more for the profit being made. its a great back up.
  4. griffinLS

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    ok my question is how do you apply it, I know to use a diaphram pump, but i don't want to use a back pack sprayer if i can help it.. I want to see about building a spray rig for it, but i know it is abrasive so i have to be careful...
  5. terraman21

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    from ohio
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    first of all why would you want to ad chemicals to a flower bed??? how is that healthy in anyways shape or form for the plants in and around the bed dont be lazy remulch the bed every year. if you get to much remove the old mulch and replace dont use colors why are so many people so dumb in this industry maybe thats why everyone thinks we are all dumb dope smokin kids. sorry not to bash your guys ideas but you have to think
  6. Marcos

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    Why is it that you are so abusive, Mr. wet-behind-the-ears? :nono:
    Maybe your business isn't anywhere near the size of other folks on here. Did you ever think of that?

    If you're so friggin' concerned about the environment, did put any thought into the amount of fuel it would take to haul new mulch to a given site to cover old weather-bleached mulch?

    In my opinion, about the most environmentally-friendly way out there (besides using recycled stuff as mulch) is to lightly till the the previous years mulch, then spray it with a mulch dye that has a decent UV protectant included such as Lesco's Nu-Mulch.
    This is ideal for sites that have been over-mulched year in & year out.
    And really the only concern is overspray on newer, whiter concrete and buildings w/ vinyl siding.
  7. griffinLS

    griffinLS LawnSite Member
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    If you will do a little research on the product it is made from naturally occuring color from the earth.. and if you use 2 people to do this you don't have to worry about staining anything that doesn't need to stained.. this is water soluble and if you get water on it fast enough it will clean off fast.
  8. Marcos

    Marcos LawnSite Gold Member
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    I missed this post yesterday. :waving:

    Diaphram backpacks like Solo are fine for small jobs.
    Or, you could use any small poly low-pressure system, so long as it's flushed out well before & after.
    But the most important thing in my opinion is that you use a decent quality Tee-Jet fan spray tip so you can work the mulch dye right up close to the concrete edges (etc) without actually hitting them.
    Tee Jet tips fit in Solo backpacks.

    And especially at the highest-end real estate you may want to have an amigo with you masking away the aforementioned 'bright' concrete borders & vinyl with a large piece of thick cardboard as you move along with the dye.
    Better safe than sorry.
    By the time you drop the wand & run to drag hose water and scrub brush to the site, ya never know, it may be too late. :cry:
  9. ACMiller

    ACMiller LawnSite Member
    from MN.
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    Sorry I'm just seeing this now, I have been using Mobile Mulch Systems Program for a couple years now. 2 person crew successfully have re-conditioned 18000 square feet in a day. I'm happy with the results. More importantly my customers have been very happy with the results, and the money they save from year to year has kept them calling me back. The last 2 seasons we have done over 900,000 square feet with this method. In my opinion its a nice add on to any lawn business.
  10. RodneyK

    RodneyK LawnSite Senior Member
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    AC: Roughly, how much do you charge for this service per square foot? What does it cost you per square foot to apply?

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