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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 4x4_Hunter, Sep 2, 2005.

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    I placed a similar thread in the pesticide forum but I am not convinced that it is a pest or fertilizing problem. I have about 1/5th of my lawn dying out. However, it is all in small spots from about 4" in diameter up to 3 feet in diameter. It seems I have a good share of moths in my lawn but I also used to have some broader-blade grass too. Now I only have the thin-blade stuff left. Not sure if the other stuff died from drought conditions because of the seed not being succeptable or if it is a bug problem.

    My lawn is about 2 years old. It came in great when I planted it and the next spring it looked nicer than some of the local golf courses. Then, we got a short drought and the spots started showing up. I thought maybe it was grubs so I applied Grub-X. That didn't seem to help. This spring then, I dethatched it, broadcasted some seed, and fertilized it. Nothing seemed to come up and the dead spots continued to become more numerous. It is almost to the point now that I am considering ripping up the whole lawn. I would really hate to do that though. Any ideas? I have sprayed some Salvo 2-4-D three times this year and a couple times last year. I do keep up on the lawn so it is not from lack of maintenance. I am planning on dethatching again and using a slit seeder to overseed again. Do you think this will fill in the patches? Also, should I use the same seed? Should I spray something for the moths and knats??? Please help. Feel free to call me with any good ideas as I only can check the site a couple more times before I hope to do some of this work. Craig 734-320-1953
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    2-4-d is to kill anything with a leaf.but if applied to strong it can in some situations kill grass.now,when you applied fert. did it rain shortly there after or did you keep the ground moist as not to burn the grass?have you done a soil test?just some food for thought.

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