dynagreen 15-5-10 w/0.06% dimension/50lb

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mr.GreenJeans89, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Mr.GreenJeans89

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    I ordered this for my 1st app,i plan to do split apps with the same product,1st in march second on late april/may.It say a 50lb bag covers 5,200 (low)and 13,800(high).Now im new at granular,i have always done liquid but i got a permagreen cuz im tired of walking so much.I need to make sure i get season long control of crabgrass.Im planning on spreading somewhere in between the high and low rate,like around 9000 sq ft a bag and like i said do that twice.You experts,would this give me season control with the 0.06% dimension?
  2. sclawndr

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    .06 isn't a whole lot of Dimension. We run 4 lbs/1000 of .10 Dimension and get good control as long as the grass isn't cut short. It depends on your region but my guess is you'll need to run your stuff out at least 6 lbs/1000 to get decent control.

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    I agree that's really low, In this area I would only get like 4-5000m2 a bag split apps to get good control with that product, most guys are doing split apps with .15 and still worrying in this part of the country. I'm also not saying you will have breakthrough, just be careful and maybe go a little bit heavier, Dow has a nice dimension calculator for each part of the country that will tell you the AI you need for where you are, I would reccomend getting in touch with the Dow rep and checking first.
  4. Mr.GreenJeans89

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    i know its low amount of dimension.At sc lawndrs advise i should apply 50lb of this to no more than 8000.Thats kinda what i was thinking too.I will check with the dow rep though,thanks for the advice.I got these bags for 15 bucks a bag.
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    Go by the label for the required amount of Dimension for your height of grass. Your will probably find that the proportion of Dimension to Nitrogen required is way off. Probably way too much Nitrogen. That's true of most Combo. You could do two (Split)application; the second one being 0-0-7 with .21 Dimension. about 8 weeks after the 1st applicaion.
    I've not seen the .06 Dimension. Is it a Lesco Product?
  6. Mr.GreenJeans89

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    Its a Hummert Int. product in St.Louis.Its the first year ive used it.As i said i got a good price at 15 per bag but my cousin got a job there as a salesmen so im trying to to business with her too.Ive never seen the stuff hopefully the granular is all the same size so ill get even broadcasting...well see

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